Due to the recent online news regarding the fan support for Starhub Presents MBC Korean Music Wave, we regret to inform you that the food support for SHINee this KMW has been cancelled.

We will no longer be collecting donations for the food support. All donors who have helped us will be refunded. We would also be giving all donors the gifts as promised, as a gift of appreciation for your support.  ^^  An email has been sent to all donors.

Despite the cancellation of the fan support, do look forward to the  distribution of brochures by MingBlingSG on the 16th of November! ^^

We would like to thank the fans and donors who have showed us their support! 감사합니다! ^^  Please continue to support SHINee and their live performance during KMWsg!


[INFO] Etude Pink Play Part Season 4

Information from Etude House Taiwan on Etude Pink Play Party Season 4 on 27 August 2013:

Etude House Singapore Pink Play Party event consists:-
(1) Pink Play: Will be like a pink carnival, participate in different beauty games and win goodies
(2) Pink Talk: Sulli & Kevin will together introduce the latest product(s) and demonstrate how to makeup like a goddess
(3) Pink Sing: SHINee’s performance and will have interactions with fans and giving out gifts.

Translation: eimanjjong
Via: Mingblingsg