RDD performance. 100629

wuuuuuu, jonghyun and key covered their hair with a bandana 8D
I wonder wad they’re hairstyle is…
and minho’s hair (: its blackkkkk and taemin’s hair, seems longgggg

lol i really cant wait (:

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And their come back is revealed, bit by bit…

A little more news from Rino Nakasone this time!

Extra Cuts!

Onew on ME2DAY!

온 유] 우리 함께 응원할까요? 대한민국 파이팅~^^

According to Google, it should be something like “Let’s cheer together? Republic of Korea fighting~^^

Credit: shinee dc gallery, SSS, rino’s twitter, SHINee’s Me2Day

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[SHINee Fanboard] 100625 Onew




[ONEW] Miss you guys~

Hahahaha, secretly leaving a message..

miss you guys ^^

Now that the musical has finished already..

really want to see you guys faster… let you guys listen to good music~

Every time I stand on stage, the love I get from everyone~ what could I do?

Thinking back from those loud cheers I received..^^

Even though I’ve also experienced it from the last musical stage~

But then everyone are the people we love the most~ you know ^^?

I will let everyone hear the best songs~ that’s why we have to be together forever!

This…haven’t written a message for a long time so it seems kinda unaccustomed .. he

Please wait a little more ^^

Always thank you ^^ Fighting..!!

– ONEW –

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Credit: weareshining

I’m really looking forward to the comeback (: I miss shinee ):
But today’s already the last weekday of the holidays, lets be just a tiny bit more patient (:

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Please take note!!!

Hello to all.

We have sent out an email to those buyers that have failed to contact us / set a confirmed date for meet up and payment to collect the SHINee TShirt.

It will be the last reminder for all of you so please do check your email to avoid and understand the penalties that we have listed in the email itself.

Thank you.

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Yoogeun ♥ Shinee appas

[Exclusive] Yoogeunie still remembers his appas!

Few weeks back when we were in Seoul, we met up with Yoogeun.
Remember the first time we saw him, he was hiding behind his mum, feeling shy.
But when he saw ‘Hey Bro’ poster on the building, he started shouting ‘Onew Appa!’
Ah… he remembers Onew Appa!

During lunch, we decided to test him.
We took out SHINee stickers. At first, he seemed uninterested.
Hence, we left the stickers on the table while we had our lunch.
Quietly, he walked towards the table and started playing with it.
He started naming the appas from clockwise direction –
‘Taeminnie Appa. Key Appa. Mino Appa. Onew Appa. Jonghyunie Appa
He repeated quite a few times.

Thereafter, he peeled out Minho Appa sticker and played with it.

Eventually he sticked it on his t-shirt.
That was so adorable!

Lastly, let’s end this entry with Yoogeunie showing his talent – 예쁜지 (Beautiful Pose)

Credits: ShiningAlmightyKey @ Shining SHINee World
i heard that this was a fanaccount made by a singapore fan? XD
But Yoogeun misses his SHINee appas (: so cutee XD

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