SHINee shinee shinee shine~

my favourite fancam of the day  XD :

It’s super cute XD It’s kinda like a schooling boy in 3/4 pants rushing home XD, onew was actually going home after the musical XD

Lol @ the manager chasing bhind lol

be careful onew~

haha XD they do it so cutely XD I think taemin and key cam do it well XP

Jonghyun -Billie Jean XD

Jonghyun singing chinese song

Kinda lazy recently…not really updating much XD

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Onew musical fancam~

i wish i could understand… XD

anyway, did i post this? or did yan ting post it? i’m not so sure…so i’ll just post it?

It depends on how u look at it… Onkey or Jongkey….hmmm btw do ur have any fave shinee couplings?

haha random XP

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Onew UFO Replies! (China)

[Fan]: Onew Oppa…you look very good when you smile…remember to smile more~~ Also my mom really likes you too~ hehehehe
[ONEW]: ^^ Is it like this~?

[Fan]: Onew oppa, when I go to Korea can you treat me chicken???
[ONEW]: Mm… money is all spent already cos of eating chicken….

[Fan]: Onew oppa, today I passed INHA university’s entrance interview~ very agitated!~
[ONEW]: Wa~ congrats ^^ From now on “fighting”!~

[Fan]: Will there be musical performances in June? I might be going to Korea in June to see you ^^ Really looking forward~ Ha
[ONEW]: June, there is~ Must come and watch!

[Fan]: Onew ya, have you heard of Yunnan*? When will you come and have a look, I will treat you fried chicken, haha….
[ONEW]: One fried chicken is not enough~
*T/N: Yunnan is a province in China

Xtra Cuts!

HD – Key (Barbie Girl) at SNSD Concert

Song starts like at 00:50

Credits: Chinese Translations: samantha@onewcn, English Translations: vivz@soompi, ggohTV

OnKey on Me2Day!

[Key] 일본 다녀왔어요!!! :-), 온주봉과 같이 선물받은 떡(정확한 명칭은 기억나지않는다)을 먹으며 함께~’_’*

Came back from Japan!!! 🙂 Ate “rice cake” (can’t remember the exact name) gift with Onew~ ‘_’*

Credits: SHINee Me2Day

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Videos and Audios!

Okay, this SGB was on 24th April, laziness got a hold on me from updating this earlier. XD

Onew Videos Cut of Star Golden Bell

Cuts in Eng Sub Part 1

Part 2

JJong’s Audio from UFO

Onew’s Audio from UFO

Taemin’s Audio from UFO

SHINee and B2ST on SGB

Key on 24th April RISING IDOL

SHINee @ Tokyo Haneda Airport

Key speaking Japanese at New Generation Live in Yokohama!

Replay (Boom Track) at New Generation Live in Yokohama!

Love Like Oxygen at New Generation Live in Yokohama!

Juliette at New Generation Live in Yokohama!

JoJo at New Generation Live in Yokohama!

Preview of Dream Team Next Wk with Minho!

SHINee’s Recording in Be Ready Anytime!

JJong Cam

HYD Last Event – The Graduation

Replay (Boom Track)

Stand By Me

Ring Ding Dong

MinKey @ SNSD Concert


Credit: WRS, sweetkey + source shakizi, eijisatoshi @ weareshining,, winkme @ soompi shinee forums, as tagged on YT Uploaders, soompi, naver, spn

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SHINee at Gimpo Airport

I missed our boys…

Onew, key and minho looked hot and cute 8D

Jonghyun and taemin are so cute XD

i always see taemin wearing a beanie…? right?

Haha, but i missed out boys and i wna see their comeback soon…but no news about it yet ): and they look so busy…

and my exam starts tmr…anyway for those who have exams, good luck and lets wait for our boy’s comeback (:

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Notice our Notice! :D

SHINeeSingapore @ WordPress wants to remind Y.O.U that Orders will officially close at 11:59:59 PM on 25th April! Thank you for all who have supported! 😀 😀 😀

Meanwhile, for ALL 2nd batch buyers, please check that if your name is on either of the cash meet up or bank transfer list?

If yes, that means we have take note of your order.

If not, please please notify us through our email ok?

Orders that comes from the site’s comments will be disregarded, so email your orders to us! (:

We haven’t reply to any of the orders yet, but if your name appeared on either of those 2 lists, means we have your order taken down, no worries.

We are currently collecting and double checking all orders already so
please wait a few days more before we contact all buyers again with all details needed to know. (:

Thank you for your kind patience (:

PS: For invoice request, please state that which batch do you order from. 1st or 2nd.

For 2nd batch’s request of invoice, we will get the invoice, when we send in the shirts for printing, which is…. around mid May, these 2/3 weeks till mid May will be used as meet up for cash payment, after that, then we can send it to you then yeah. (: but we will take note of your notice. (:

So many thank you and gratitude for all of your kind patience!


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