Is SHINee coming, again?!

Listen up SHAWOLS~~~

Look out for Singapore E Entertainment Awards 2011 on the 2nd of April!!!

SHINee has been nominated  for the new award category called “E Entertainment Korean Artist Popularity Award” (e乐人气韩星)

However, the confirmed guest list is not released yet!

Other nominees are not all out yet too.

More news and details will most likely be out on 7th February!

Let’s get prepared to weclome SHINee again, Sg Shawols!!!!!! ^ ^


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SHINee in Sydney:

SHINee at Australia Korea Friendship Concert Press Conference 110112

Credits: shineeworldindonesia

SHINee at Sydney Airport 110112

Credits: bitnaneun-key, baekseungjo-jjang

Key Me2day Update 110112

[Key] 추운날 콘서트 영상 촬영때 ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation [Key] On a cold day when we were filming a video for the concert kekeke

Credits: SHINee’s Me2day

English Translation Credits: kimchi hana @

SHINee with TVXQ Yunho & Changmin 110108

Credits: TVXQ smtown
SHINee at Super Star Red Carpet Taiwan 110110 Part III

Credits: CAPA
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Pictures of Shinee

Pictures of Taemin at SHINee World 1st Concert Seoul 110101

Credits: Fantasister

Taemin at KBS Gayo Daejeon 101230

Credits: InTaemin

Minho at SBS Gayo Daejun 101229 

Credits: Beautiful Days


Korean artists coming to Taiwan is becoming the trend. Having just visited the country last year-end, SHINee just revealed that they will be taking KE 691 to Taiwan on the 10th, arriving at 11am. They will be participating in a special (Chinese) New Year programme called 超級巨星紅白藝能大賞 (Superstar red-white entertainment award) which will be held at the Taipei Arena. Unfortunately, SHINee will be travelling without Jonghyun due to his leg injury.

First time filming for a special Chinese New Year show in Taiwan, the SHINee members all feel very excited yet raised a lot of questions such as “What is the difference between Taiwan and Korea during Chinese New Year?” When the Taiwan record label explained to them that red packets are used, they all felt shocked and said “We use white in Korea..”. However, because this trip will be very rushed and missing 1 member, SHINee hopes that they can visit Taiwan again in the future to experience the Chinese New Year atmosphere.

After they finish the recording, they are estimated to leave on the 11th at 12:10pm via KE 692.

Source: yahoo taiwan

English Translation Credits: vivz @ soompi/ vivinjolian @ tumblr

cr: as tagged (for images)

Onew at MBC Gayo Daejeon 101231

Credits: everything-0

Onew at KBS Gayo Daejeon 101230

Onew at KBS Gayo Daejeon Rehearsal 101230

Credits: Onew Style

SHINee at SHINee World 1st Concert Seoul Backstage

Onew & Minho Me2day Updates 110107(translated)

[민호] 여러분~ 우리 동방신기형들 첫방송 보셨어요? 진짜 감동적이었는데… 언제나 항상 노력하는 모습의동방신기 윤호형~ 창민이형! 정말 다시봐도 멋있고 너무 대단하신 것 같아요. 형들처럼 저도 더욱 더 노력하고 열심히할테니 지켜봐주시고, 우리 같이 응원해요!^^
Translation [Onew] With ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’!!! Not even once are we disappointed by Yunho hyung~Changmin hyung!!! Did you know it was starting recently~~^^? With today’s first comeback performance from our TVXQ hyungs, please watch out for them!!!Ahjajajajajajajajajaja!!!!!!!!!!!Fighting!!!!!!!!!!
[온유] 역시 ‘동방신기’ 에요!!! 한 번도 실망 시키지 않는 사랑하는 우리 유노형~창민이형!!! 이제 시작인것 아시죠~~^^?오늘 첫 방송으로 앞으로 모두들 동방신기형들의 발걸음에 주목해주세요!!!아자자자자자자자자자자잣!!!!!!!!!!!파이팅!!!!!!!!!!
[Minho] Everyone~ Did you see our TVXQ hyung’s first performance? Although the ‘realness’ was impressive… the features of TVXQ Yunho hyung’s are always visible~ Changmin hyung! I want to be as awesome as them. We endeavor to be like them and will try hard to watch them and cheer for them!^^
Credits: SHINee’s Me2day
English Translation Credits: @ AA-CHAN
Jonghyun at SHINee World First concert in Japan 101226

Credits: One in a Million

SHINee May be coming to SG in March or April! (Rumor)

We previously posted on a rumour that SHINee World most probably will be coming to Singapore in May 2011 or June 2011. Now, another rumour regarding SHINee coming to Singapore is reported again.

Ah Ken, a DJ from FM100.3, hinted that SHINee will be coming to Singapore for concert on around March or April.

There’s a programme called Seoul Kpop which Korean songs will be played. Yesturday was BEAST’s Yoseob birthday, thus, people are allowed to post their birthday wishes on Ah Ken’s Facebook wall and he’ll read it out.

Someone posted a question asking him whether he thinks that will SHINee be holding their concert at Singapore. And this is what he replied:

Er.. 我不能说耶~ 哈哈哈!好啦,我只能说三月多或四月不要花太多钱啦~对啦,就是这样。
(Translation: Er.. I can’t say anything, hahaha! Okay, the only thing i can say is do not spend too much money during around March or April~ That’s all.)

Then Ah Ken played SHINee’s Lucifer. After the song ended, he added:

哇,不知道他们会不会唱这首歌~ 那Hello呢?还有我很喜欢的WOWOWOW呢?在韩国和日本都有唱,新。。啊,总之三月多或四月不要花太多钱就对了啦~ 呵呵。
(Translation: Wow, i wonder if they would sing this song. And how about Hello? And one of my favourite song which is WOWOWOW, would they sing it? They have sang it in Korea and Japan, Sin.. Ah, just don’t spend too much money on March or April~ Hehe.)
[Ah Ken stopped at the word ”Sin”, he may wanted to say ”Singapore” but didn’t because probably he feels that he is hinting too much]

I know all Singaporean fans are now very excited but please do NOT get your hopes too high as NOTHING HAS BEEN COMFIRMED. Especially now that SHINee is debuting in Japan during March, they may not have time to hold another concert. But still, for in case, remember to save up especially during March and April!

Hope SHINee really comes to Singapore for a concert.

Source: Admin @zblingx from @Jonghyun_facts
Taemin at SHINee World First concert in Seoul  110102
Credits: A little Taem, as tagged, rachel718, InTaemin
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