[1080p HD] 120825 MuCore BoA feat. Taemin – Only One

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[SWCII SG] Details for SHINee World Concert 2 in Singapore!

[SHINEE WORLD II SINGAPORE] Biggest mosh pit ever that will fit 3,500 fans in an area spanning over 1,200 sqm! Strictly a one-night only show. Tickets at $238/$178 available from 31 Aug via Sistic

General FAQ

1. Will there be a ticket launch event?

No, there will not be a ticket launch event for SHINee World II Singapore.

2. Can I choose my seat(s)?

Unfortunately, you cannot choose your seats. You can only choose your preferred block. There will be seat numbers printed on your ticket (it is not free seating). When you purchase tickets, SISTIC’s system will choose the best available seating at the point of transaction.

3. How many tickets can I purchase?

Each person is entitled to a maximum of 6 tickets only per transaction.

4. Is there any age limit?

For safety reasons, yes, there is an age limit.

Children below the age of 12 are not allowed into the Moshpit.

Children below the age of 6 is not allowed in for the concert.

5. Is there anyway possible that I am allowed to access the backstage to see my favourite boys?

Backstage access is not allowed at all times.

6. What are the modes of payment?

For online and hotline booking, only credit cards and debit cards issued in Singapore. The debit card must be able to do online transactions. If you are not sure if your debit card can be used for online transactions, you’ll have to check with your bank.

7. How can overseas fans purchase the tickets?

Overseas fans can purchase the tickets online through the SISTIC website (www.sistic.com.sg) from 3pm (GMT +8:00) on 31 Aug. Alternatively, overseas fans can purchase tickets at overseas ticketing partners- go to http://www.sistic.com.sg and click on ‘Agents’ for a list of outlets in Malaysia and Indonesia.

8. Are there any limits to what kind of tickets I can purchase?

No, you can purchase tickets from any category. Age restrictions apply (please see point 4).

9. I bought the Terrace tickets and it says row 15, am I seated all the way at the back?

Nope! The first rows of the Terrace block ranges from 11-13.

10. Will there be a second night for the concert?

No, this is strictly a one night only concert.

11. Why are the blocks at the side of the stage in grey?

Those seats are Partially-Restricted View seats and we will not release these seats for sale till we have seen the set up of the stage. This is to ensure that all fans who have bought tickets to this concert will have a good view of their favourtie boys.

12. What time does ticket sales start?

Ticket sales will start at 3pm across all channels from SISTIC.

Black market tickets will be strictly monitored and recorded on our end. We hope that everyone behaves in a socially responsible manner and not succumb to the impulse to buy tickets from resellers who are seeking to exploit K-pop fans. If you proceed to buy any black market tickets, do note you might be asked for an ID check at the door, and RITS reserves the right to refuse entry at door.

[SWC II SG] Pre-order for tattoos for SWCII SG Starts tomorrow!!

Hello, Shawols! We will be taking orders for the temporary tattoos from 22/08/2012 (Tomorrow) till 30/09/2012!

Each tattoo is SGD$2 SGD$3.50 SGD$3.00!

Payment can be made through Bank Transfer or Meetup!

It would be advisable for payment to be made through Bank Transfer though!

For Bank Transfer, please transfer to the account POSB Savings 128-24559-6

After making payment, take a photo of the receipt and do the following:

Email us at sgforshinee@hotmail.com

The subject of your email should be SWCII SG Tattoo


Contact Number:

Payment Method: Bank Transfer/Meetup

Collection method: Postage/Mass Meetup



Twitter u/n (if any):

If you wish to pay when I organize meetups, use the same order form as above, and email us.

I will probably organize meetups in Early September, hopefully during September holidays.

Lastly, do support our collaboration with SHINee World II Singapore. The more you buy, the more successful our project will be! Do help us by spreading the word too! Thank you!! 😀

The money we receive from the tattoos will be used to make handbanners for Minho and Onew’s birthday!

To read up on the details for this project, click here

[Me2day] 120821 Minho updates Me2day

[민호] 저 태준이가 나오는 ‘아름다운 그대에게’ 본방사수하고 계시나요!?! 저희 촬영장 이야기를 많이 궁금해 하시는 것 같아서 여러분과 미투채팅에서 만나려고 합니다. 저와 구재희양이 함께! 궁금한점은 댓글로, 참여방법은 사진 설명 보시고 신청하세요~

[Minho] Did everyone stay tune to Kim Taejoon role which i act in for ‘To the beautiful you’ boardcast!?! Everyone curious about our filming site so let’s me2chatting . i’m with Goo Jae Hee! if you’re curious on anything leave a message , to participate look at the photo and you can register~

Credit: SHINee’s me2day
Chinese translation : 萌萌 @ Mr SHINee
English Translation : Forever_SHINee

[SWCII SG] SHINeeSingapore and SHINee World II Singapore will be collaborating to sell temporary tattoos to make handbanners!

SHINeeSingapore will be collaborating with SHINee World II Singapore, and we will be selling temporary tattoos to raise money to make handbanners for SWCII SG!

We didn’t want to just collect donations from you guys, without giving providing you guys a token of appreciations and worst still, you have donated but didn’t manage to get a hand banner yourself. That would totally suck.

Why the tattoos?

In the recent performances by Jonghyun (ft. Taemin), he had temporary tattoos of his Korean fansites name!

Jonghyun transforms fansite names into body tattoos in an act of thankfulness, touching fans' hearts

It would be great if we could have temporary tattoos as well, to welcome SHINee back to our sunny island, Singapore! 😀

Details of Tattoo

The tattoo will look like this:

The tattoo dimension is 1.25×1.75 inches (3.18×4.45 cm). It would be awesome if we paste these tattoos on our cheeks, back of hands or arms! We might even get our pictures snapped, and this can further show our enthusiasm about SHINee being here!

Each tattoo will cost only SGD$2!

Payment details will be up soon! It will be through bank transfer and meet ups!

Collection will be via: mass meetups, personal meetsup and postage as well!

If you have any queries, feel free to mention us on twitter (@sgforshinee) or email us! (sgforshinee@hotmail.com)

The deadline for pre-orders will be on 30th September2012, at 10pm! All payments and orders have to be made by then! Do support us and  let’s show our support for SHINee and stay united as one SHINee World!

Here are some FAQs!


How long will the temporary tattoo lasts?

 They usually last 2 to 3 days and then start to fade. But with extra care, they can last another 1 or 2 days longer.

Are the tattoos waterproof?

 Yes. You can swim or shower with them. They are resistant to most soaps.

How are the tattoos applied?

 Each tattoo sheet comes with application instructions. Ensure that your skin is clean and free of oils and makeup. Temporary tattoos will not adhere properly to skin that is dirty or oily.

  1. Remove protective plastic sheet and then press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with the design facing down.
  2. Hold wet cloth or paper towel against back of tattoo, pressing down and making sure to wet it thoroughly. Wait 30 seconds and gently peel off backing.
  3. Rinse with water and pat dry lightly.

How do I remove the tattoos?

 To remove them, apply baby oil or alcohol and then allow a minute or two before rubbing it off.

Are the tattoos safe and non-toxic?

All tattoos are safe and non-toxic. The ink ingredients are certified by the FDA. However basic precautions should be practiced to avoid applying to sensitive skin and near the eyes.

We will be making hand banners for Onew and Minho’s birthday! (Using the money from the tattoo sales! )

Collaboration between SHINee World II Singapore (@swcsg) and SHINee Singapore (@sgforshinee)