120331 Videos of Taemin on Immortal Song 2

Taemin fangirl on IMS2 –

Taemin getting flustered & Speechless –

What happened: The mentor said she gets mad looking at him and then he was all huh wut, and then she explained cuz he’s prettier than her 😀 n then the mc said there must be a lot of angry ppl there


Taemin making cute sounds + doing vocal conditioning

Taemin – 4월이 가면

CNBLUE compliments SHINee on their comeback

CNBLUE complimented SHINee on their ability to pull off a song like “Sherlock”.

Yonghwa met with a reporter on the set of KBS’s ‘Music Bank‘ and stated, “First it was just the music, then I wanted to see how they would match this song with their performance. After watching their performance I felt an overwhelming sense of confidence from them. I felt like the five members up on the stage all delivered a message saying, ‘We are SHINee’.”

Fellow CNBLUE member Jonghyun commented, “This song is a definitely different from normal K-pop music so it is one that is hard to pull off. That made it even more of a sweet surprise. They were able to pull it off perfectly because they are SHINee. The way they express themselves through their song and performance made me feel like I was watching a scene from a musical.

In related news, SHINee and CNBLUE are both in the midst of promoting their new albums.

Source and Picture: Nate

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KPOP Groups mentioned in TOPMAN Generation UK Magazine


As pop music continues its stranglehold on charts, hearts and wallets alike, some of the genres’ biggest artists are ones you’ve never even heard of – Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, Super Junior, Kara, SHINee, B2ST, MBLAQ,BIGBANG… They’re K-pop idols and even if you’re no longer 14 years old, it’s hard to resist the lure of K-pop’s aegyo.
The cogs and wheels of its industry have helped propel the Hallyu Wave far beyond the kitsch of J-pop. Record companies like J Tune and YG call themselves families, but they’re strictly regimented empires who keep their stars on tight leashes while overseeing everything from group formation to music production to spokesperson contracts for phones, drinks and clothing labels. K-pop isn’t just music, it’s a way of life and with the groups raking in millions off the Asia Pacific market alone, it’s also a highly lucrative one.
Behind-the-scenes, though fascinating, is dwarfed by K-pop’s public image. Idols are called idols for a reason – girls are perfect porcelain dolls and that pretty much goes for the boys as well. Long gone are the days of groups styled like a 90s parody, it’s head-to-toe high-end labels ranging from the sublime (Givenchy) to jaw-droppingly outré (Jeremy Scott), the wardrobes as extravagant as their glossy MV’s (music videos). Much like American hip hop is all about flashing the cash, so K-pop has followed suit – diamonds, gleaming sports cars and pimped-out sets are de rigueur for your average MV – even if, ironically, artists do return to cramped dorms where they live for most of their careers.
At this point, I’ll warn you that if you’ve hated every song that’s burst from the brain David Guetta, Nicky Minaj, Justin Timberlake or anything auto-tuned within an inch of its life, the likelihood of you embracing K-pop is somewhat hampered. The gleeful mash up of Euro-disco, R’n’B, hip hop and retro-pop produces glorious, OTT songs that you can’t quite sing along to but who cares that you don’t understand Korean or the snatches of English are sometimes utterly nonsensical, the sheer vitality is electrifying.
Thus far girl groups have been more successfully received outside traditional markets than the boys. Wonder Girls had their own movie on the Teen Nick channel and Girls’ Generation released their first English language single “The Boys” in the US, however, the androgynous features of the boys and their high-fashion style are struggling against the guy-next-door appeal of groups like One Direction and also that, in the main, boy bands are no longer fashionable. But the West continues to beckon for K-pop’s male idols and if it’s going to happen it’s anticipated BIGBANG will break through. Despite the controversy surrounding the group last year – G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) failed a drug test and was forced into a “remorse period” while Daesung was involved in a fatal car accident that left a motorcyclist dead – and most presuming they’d split given the circumstances, they won Best Worldwide Act at the 2011 MTV EMA’s.
Having consistently pushed for control over their career beyond what’s allowed of their contemporaries, they’ve become poster boys for a different kind of K-pop, with G-Dragon, in particular, yearning for the creative freedom afforded to American musicians even as he endeavours to remain a South Korean artist. In late February 2012 they released with their fifth mini-album, ALIVE, to be supported by a 25-cities/16-countries world tour which will be closely watched to see how a group who has yet to record a song in English can succeed globally. They’re pitted against their label-mates 2NE1 – the coolest, sexiest girl group of all – who’ve had Will.I.Am produce their forthcoming record in what’s seen as a bid to reach Western audiences.
However, efforts like those of 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation are dividing fans. Long before Gaga’s “Little Monsters” or Ke$ha’s “Animals”, the likes of BIGBANG’s VIPs and MBLAQ’s A+s gave K-pop the opportunity to grow in both influence and wealth.South Korean pop is beloved because it’s South Korean, laced with all the home-grown references and reinterpreted multi-cultural influences that make it so distinctive. The big question is can it evolve to become a truly worldwide movement without being re-engineered for those wehgukin too bland and narrow-minded to appreciate K-pop in all its quirky brilliance. It’s unanswerable until the rest of 2012 plays out but by the year end you’re going to have the Hallyu Wave lapping at your feet whether you like it or not.
Key Tracks In the K-Pop Universe:
2NE1: I Am The Best, Clap Your Hands
BIGBANG: Cafe, Tonight, Beautiful Hangover
GD&T.O.P: High High, Knock Out, Baby Good Night
G-Dragon: Heartbreaker, Breathe, She’s Gone
SHINee: Lucifer, Juliette, Y.O.U
MBLAQ: Cry, Mona Lisa,
B2ST: Breath, Say No
Source: Topman Generation
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[Vid] 120330 Taemin & Minho on Salamander Guru ( With Trans)

Credits : themayitoab

Taemin : Oh?
Minhyuk : Long time no see. Have you been living well?
Taemin : (Yes) Thanks to you. However what is the purpose of your visit?
Minhyuk : I have a favour to ask you.
Taemin : Here’s 3 Billion worth of counterfeit money – This will clear all the debts I have owed you
Minhyuk : Thanks

Kor-Chi : @ UniqueTaem // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi

120331 SHINee Jonghyun Twitter Updates!



dried yellow corvina jonghyun


A while ago, you looked at me and said I have nothing to do, right? I like that saying because it’s true. But! I can’t put up with making fun of me for having nothing to do!!! Hoongi!!

(T/N: Euaaah written sideways can be read as hoongi.)


For those who don’t know what hoongi is. That’s right! Today’s tweet is dedicated to artist Kim Sungmo! Let’s go!


Bears say!! Chubbyuchubbyu!!

Picture translation: (Left side) EXPLODE (Bottom right speech bubble) CHU BBYU CHU BBYU


Lions go!!! Gguwaang!!!

Picture Translation: (Top) Lions? (Top speech bubble) Gguwaang!! (Bottom speech bubbles) How dare you try to eat a human even though you’re an animal! I’ll break your neck!


Birds say!! Aengal aengal!!

Picture Translation: (Top Left) Aengal Aengal (Top right speech bubble) What?


But two fingers

Picture Translation: You only have one life!


But his fingers are opposite

Picture translation: I’ll fight, and you remember!


That’s a hand

Picture Translation: I’ll show you the full extend of real boxing!


That’s a foot

Picture translation: Should I teach you how to kick?


Life is for real!!! That mocking you can hear in his way of talking!!

Picture translation: Top left: Kuuh! Middle left: Uughh! Middle right: Wh.. What? You promised not to use your foot! Bottom: You believed that?


Knife holders say!! Kalkalkal!!

[T/N: “Knife” is pronounced ‘Kal’ in Korean.]

Picture Translation: Top left: Weren’t they your lackeys who obey you? Top right: You got rid of the pig and his lackeys? Bottom right: Kalkalkal…!


Your greeting is violent!

Picture Translation: How is your current life? Did you eat?


The cheers was a fake

Picture translation: Top: For hyungnim and I! Middle: Jinga will… Bottom: Become by best guardian god!


I’m on friendly terms with the tollgate

[T/N: The tollgate talks not in the usual polite form but in a rude form.]

Picture Translation: Top: East Seoul/The road to Seoul is partly delayed/Go away Bottom: That’s really amazing



Picture Tranlsation: N…No!! Yes!!



Picture Tranlsation: Top left: I’m not the best. Top right: D..Don’t lie. This.. This kind of skill is obviously… Middle: I’m bread! Do you understand? Bottom: Br.. Bread?!


He’s gotten on the Jordan River’s booster express train!!

Picture Translation: Top: There’s no reason for you to waste time on little fish like that. Middle: Understood! Bottom: Then, I’m leaving!


I just say whatever I want

Picture Translation: Top: How does it feel like to be revived from death? Middle: I don’t think we’ve even introduced ourselves… Bottom left: Who are you? Bottom right: Is there a need for me to tell you something like that?


Oh. ke

Picture Translation: Top: Okay! Since you were honest, I’ll let you live. Middle: Wh…What will happen to us? Bottom: We’re going to die!


All you students, you shouldn’t tweet in class.

Picture Translation: Top: What are you two doing?! The class bell rang a long time ago! Middle: Da…Damn it! Bottom: Both of you, sit down!


Coincidentally, it’s 9:36 AM, when I don’t feel guilty about tweeting a lot!! I really don’t think I’ll feel anything no matter how much I tweet!

Picture Translation: Top: I’m going to destroy him as badly as the weight of the pain you gave me. Bottom left: Coincidentally, it’s 8PM, where humans don’t feel any guilt no matter how brutal they are… Bottom right: I really don’t think I’ll feel anything even if I kill someone!


He talks very nicely. Like Minho

Picture Translation: Top left: He’s amazing, being able to hide himself in the open like this. Top right: Why don’t you come out, you rat?! Middle: Did you call me a rat? Bottom: Do you really want to die completely without getting hurt?


kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke What’s he saying

Picture Translation: Top: Ugh… Middle left: Ugh… Middle right: Hand over your money, bastard! Bottom left: I.. I’ll hand it over! Bottom right: I don’t need it!


Wh..What are you doing!!

Picture Translation: Top: You’re very curious for someone who’s about to die. Middle: Kid, you shouldn’t have come here today. I’ll make sure your body knows the reason why starting now. Bottom: How.. How could I… I hit an artery by accident…


That rat is good looking, yes.

Picture Translation: Top left: What is it? Top right: The messenger is here. Middle: Okay, tell me!


How to win at a fight

Picture Translation: Top: Chapter 8-7 When the opponent has grabbed you from the back. Give him a flying kick without hesitation. Bottom: Chapter 8-8 When the opponent attacks you with something he’s practiced for over a month. Get hit once and hit back twice.


80,000-ten thousands of fighting power!!

Picture Tranlsation: How could this be?! My hand has 80,000-ten thousands of fighting power!


kekek Really?? kekeke Are you sure??? kekekeke

Picture Translation: There is no way this soldier will notice me. As long as I keep in rhythm like this.

Credit: realjonghyun90

Translation Credit: shiningtweets

Screencap by Forever_SHINee

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