Important Reminder for KBS Live Event tomorrow

Hello to all SHAWOLS!

For those who are in my list, (you know who you are, from yesterday’s emails), please, PLEASE, again, PLEASE be at the theatre’s lobby by 1.15pm for registration. Anyone who is not there by 1.15pm, you are only allowed permission to enter at 2.30pm. Provided that there are still available slots.

We cannot confirm your entry if you are later than 1.15pm, as there are too many things to handle, and we can’t wait for you all at the lobby for the whole time. Please understand our situation.

So, best is to reach before 1.15pm in order to get your seats. I will try and hold the priority to the people in my list. Try being the keyword here. However, if you have not reach the lobby by 1.15pm, we’re very sorry, we can’t guarantee your seat after that.

Because, We are not the organizers, we really can’t do much except to try and hold the seats for you guys (30 of you, in my list) till 1.15pm. So, please be punctual!!! I really do not wish to see another unhappy event happening again. SHAWOLS are the best right? So show me you can do it! (:

We do not want to cause any chaotic situations tomorrow do we? So, let’s all be punctual and be friendly SHAWOLS alright? ๐Ÿ˜€

We thank you for your 100% cooperation in advance, and hope you guys will enjoy the show tomorrow!

PS: some other info from the organizers as well: snacks will be provided around 3pm, but water is not. However, it is refillable at the pantry all the time.

Again, please post all your questions through comments in this post. Any email enquiries will not be replied. Thank you for your understanding.

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KBS Live at Starhub Theatre on 3rd March Thursday

EVENT IS CURRENTLY CLOSE TO PARTICIPANTS as we have reached the limit of seats available.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Hello to all SHAWOLS!!!!

This is a very big news for everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€

This year, KBS is going to celebrate their anniversary on March 3 and doing the live concert in Korea.
KBS would like to know if Shinee’s fans can gather at the theatre and film them to watch the show live and cheer for Shinee.

The actual live show is from 17:50-19:20(Singapore Time)ย but the participants should standby at 1:15PM.

Date: March 3 2011 Thursday

Time: 1:15 PM

Venue: Starhub Theatre

67 Ubi Ave 1 #05-01

Starhub Green S408942


1:15 Meet at the Lobby of Starhub

1:30 Enter to the theatre / Briefing

2:00 Camera Rehearsal / Test

2:30-3:30 Recording (For emergency)

3:30-5:30 Break Time

5:30 Stand by

5:50 Live show start

6:30 SHinee Perform : Live connection with KBS in Seoul /Interview with the MC

-The End-

Additional Info:

Please bring the plancard or whatever to show your love to Shinee.

Those who can’t come by 1:15, if there’s available slot still, the people in charge will try to let them in but can’t guarantee. This is first come, first serve basis.

No limitations of sizes when it comes to plancards/posters etc, and cameras are allowed.

Participants Needed: 20 to 30

Current Number of Slots Left: 0

Please email to

with your name, contact number if you can confirm your participation for this event!

Please include in your email’s Subject/Title : Confirmed Participation for KBS Live

ANY Questions will only be answered through comments in this post, not in email please.

Only email to us ย when you are SURE, you can CONFIRM your participation for this event!

Last but not least, if any of you have bought our SHINee Singapore WordPress tshirt, please wear it on that day yeah! ๐Ÿ˜€

Please note that we’re not the actual organizers of this event, we’re simply being invited to help out and gather SHINee fans to support SHINee for the event.

Thank you very much! ๐Ÿ˜€

Credits: Conceptual; Jennifer Park, Starhub, SHINeeSingapore @ WordPress

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