Key’s first musical “Catch Me If You Can” details, ticket prices, and plotline!

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Sunny will be playing the role of Brenda, the main love interest of the protagonist of the story, Frank Abagnale Jr. The story revolves around Frank’s life as a con artist who forges checks to pay himself millions as he turns himself into a fake doctor, lawyer, and even an airline pilot, all while constantly staying one step ahead of the chase from FBI agent Carl Hanratty. He finds a young girl, Brenda, whom he falls in love with but is unable to tell the truth about who he really is.

“Catch Me If You Can” was turned into a successful Broadway musical and is now hitting the stage in Korea. Among the other actors that will be in the musical are CSJH The Grace’s Dana, who will share the role of Brenda with Sunny and Choi Woori, and SHINee’s Key and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, who will play the role of Frank.

“Catch Me If You Can” will run from March 28th through June 10th with performances on Tuesdays through Saturdays at 4pm and 8pm, and Sundays at 3pm and 7pm at Bluesquare Samsung Card Hall.

Credit: Soshified

The “Catch Me If You Can” musical will start on March 28 and will run until June 10, 2012.

First Class 120,000 Won
Business Class 100,000Won
Economy Class 60,000Won

First Class 130,000 Won
Business Class 110,000 Won
Economy Class 70,000Won

Running Time: 140 minutes
*Children 8yrs old and above are allowed to watch

K-POP Stars participants: Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Key (SHINee), Dana (CSJH), Sunny (SNSD)

Musical Details:

Credit: SHINee World Philippines

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[120127][Japan Mobile Site] Jonghyun updates Japan Mobile Site

Hello Everyone, This is Jonghyun,Today i want to pass my smile for everyone.
This is a trip before went to sleep’s photo. A little bit embarrassed(laugh)
I hope my smile can make you happy in this year to create many memories. full of smiles!

photo source: @BOMI ll findsource: weibo
japan-chi : shineeing@weibo
eng-chi: shinta @ weareshining

[120127][Me2day] Minho updates Me2day!

[민호] 달수형님과 한 컷! 닮았나요?? ^^ 오늘 드디어 첫 방…뭔가 성적표 받는 기분이네요~ 많이 시청해주세 요!!!

[minho]Photo with Dalsu Hyungnim! do we look a like?^^ tonight, finally the first broadcast… it’s like i am recieving a report card~ please watch!!!

source: shinee’s me2day
translated by shinta@weareshining

[120127][KakaoTalk] Minho Updates Kakao Talk

오늘밤 11시5분에 첫 방송되는 SBS 시트콤 ‘도롱뇽 도사와 그림자조작단’ 에서 대인 기피증 있는 천재 브레인 해커 ‘민혁’ 으로 새로운 모습을 선보일 민호의 연기 많이 기대해 주세요^^

Tonight on 11:05 PM is the first broadcast of SBS Sitcom ” Salamandaer Guru and The Shadow” The Genius Brain Hacker “Minhyuk” played by Minho.Please look forward for it^^

source: kakaotalk ll findsource: @mingtaem
translated by shinta @ weareshining

[Videos]SHINee World In Japan DVD: Disc 1

01. Opening

02. The SHINee World

03. Seniorita

04. Get Down

05. Amigo

06. Julietter (Japanese Vers.)

07. Hello (Japanese Vers.)

08. MC1

09. Your Name

10. Stand By Me (Japanese Vers.)

11. Love Still Goes On

12. A-Yo

13. VCR1

14. Romantic

15. Obession

16. Graze

17.  VCR 2

18. Replay (Japanese Vers.)

19. Love Like Oxygen

20.VCR 3

21. Quasimodo

22. Life

23. VCR 4

24. Ring Ding Dong

25. Up & Down

26. Ready or Not

27. Lucifer ( Japenese)

28. Ending

cr:  joAnnwashere (sfi) ; merli0perli (youtube) ; (SFI)

[Photo][120123] Onew Happy Chinese New Year Greetings!

샤이니 팬은 아니지만
설날에 진기가 놀러와서 사진 뿌리고감
친구가 진기 친척누나임ㅋㅋ

not a SHINee fan but Jinki came for Chinese New Year. the one who took the pic was a friend of jinki’s relative nuna (jinki’s cousin’s friend)

한장더 투척ㅋㅋ
오늘 진기 전이랑 이것저것 먹고
애기들이랑도 잘 놀아주다갔다고함ㅋㅋ
추석에 할머니가 또오라고 해서 진기가 알았다고 했다는데
올지 안올지 모르겠지만 오면 갤에 또 찾아오겠음ㅋㅋ

give u another pic ㅋㅋ today jinki ate a lot, this and that. he also played along together with the kids..halmeoni asked jinki to come home again for chuseok, but jinki doesn’t know whether he could come.. well, whether he’s coming home again for chuseok or not.

cr. onewrang, DC, trans by samanthasetio for Weareshining

AHHHHH! Dubu Leader! We missed you so much!! You’re back!! 😀