New layout + header! :D

Hey all! ^^

I’ve created a new header, as well as changed the layout to suit the theme of “Lucifer” ~ It’s more of a darkish one so hope you guys will like it! But of course SHINee is shiny and there’s still some colour to it.. I also used the logo as well as the icons from our official t-shirt, if you find them kind of familiar 😀 The old one has been used for about 7 months (?) now and I think it’s time to change it, so tadaaa! 😀

The links are kinda messed up because of the change of layout, but I’ll fix it asap! Please bear with us for awhile 🙂

Any comments are welcome haha 😀

Annyeong~ 🙂

P.S. We have over 367,000 views already woooo~! Thanks to all our readers for your support ㅎㅎ ^^

– Hanling

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I hope they win next week and next next week too XP
I won’t be posting the performance tomoro…cause…i’ll be overseas…maybe the other admins will post (:
I’ll update them on subday (:

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Onew in Rock Of the Ages Musical

Credits: Rock of Ages, shakizi

Erm…Good for onew then, cause he’s included in another new musical…but…i’m actually kinda worried, cause Lucifer promotions just started, then Onew has to go for the musical practices and such, and Might Star which takes place frm 8pm to 6am…When does Onew get to rest ):

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