SWCII – Letter to fans

SWCII – Letter to fans
Wait till the day when i’m really old, wait till today becomes a memory, i believe this will be a memory that i will never forget in my whole life. Living as shining SHINee everyday, and the innocent eyes that look as us, this will be something that i can never forget in my life. Thinking that next time, we can create even more miracles, this made me realise that being able to stand here now is a joyful thing. No matter where we go in future, no matter what we’ve gained. Every page of my life is filled with what you guys engraved. In order to let today become a day which shines the most, let us work hard together!

SWCII – Letter to fans
Still remember the first time we’ve met? I still remember it vividly. That was before we officially debuted, at a music show which was a non-relaxation stage (?), we’ve met. I still remember the first time when I’ve stepped on the stage and my heartbeat that moment. The nervous me then who didn’t have a peace of mind thought, what if there wasn’t anyone who cheered for us, what should we do? However, i don’t know how people knew us when we hadn’t officially debuted yet. The fans who were there gave us enthusiastic cheers. That surprising and thankful feeling at that moment still remains in my deep in my heart and it has never been forgotten. It is something that makes feel touched forever!

SWCII – Letter to fans
Till today the times i’ve put in unremitting efforts, there’s absolutely nothing that i regret. And this is a happy thing. For me who once didn’t have confidence in dancing till being able to practice to such cool dances. Being able to showcase myself on this big stage, all these was what i once dreamt of. Because of this dream, I’ve given up the enjoyments which people of the same age group as me had. In order to do beeter I’ve sweated countless times. But I’ve never regretted. Because this moment, i can stand on such a big stage, with your affectionate and enthusiastic screams, this already completed my everything!

SWCII – Letter to fans
I have a thing i want to proudly say to everyone, that is everyone, even exceeding 4 years but still giving us your endless support and love. I’m really thankful that our music received love from the whole world. I cherish you korean fans, and the support you gave us from the beginning where we had nothing. No matter where we are, i want to thank you korean fans who let us have such a firm belief. Thank you!

SWCII – Letter to fans
Whenever I feel grateful to everyone, I will always read the letters from fans. Sometimes I will see fans that are having tough times, then I will feel that it will be great if i can do something to help. It seems like what we can do for you (fans) are even lesser, and this makes me feel guilty all the time. Not long ago i met a teenage girl who was going through a hard time, she said that our music brought her happiness and comfort. Being able to let people feel happy because of us, this also made me feel joy and pleased. Being able to receive such happiness is really valuable!

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