KBS Gayo Daejun

Key performing ‘It’s my life’ by Bon Jovi at yesterday’s KBS Gayo. There was barely any lighting or Caera time for those at the back..I didn’t spot him and Taemin at the back at first ^^;;

Taemin and SUJU’s Heecul interaction~:

Onew and f(x)’s Luna’s interaction ( I’m not a fan of shinee-interaction-wtih-girls videos, but I’ll post it, No bashing please~)

Key sneezing during rehearsal for It’s my life, It must be cold..:

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Taemin during rehearsal stage of f(x)+SHINee – Lucifer


SHINee and f(x) with Lucifer special stage!:

Halfway through the performance I got distracted by Minho’s necklace cause I rmb seeing Key wear it before XP

It’s my Life by Bon Jovi, performed by Changmin&Yoseob&Jonghyun&Joonsu mainly. Key and Taemin were also at the back. Can barely see them though..Well if you didn’t manage to ctach them, at 0:56 to about 1:00, at the back you can see them:

Bohemian Rhapsody – Changmin&Joonsu&Jonghyun&Yoseob&Jungmo:


Today there’ll be MBC Gayo Daejun at 9.55pm KST (which is 8.55pm in SG). I’ll be updating on twitter with who is performing what at that current time! But I’ll be stopping maybe at 11.30pm, cause there’ll be a Korean Award show broadcasting! ^^ If I have not mistaken, it should be the GDA right?

Happy New Year Eve People! ^^

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KBS Gayo


Taemin’s rehearsal for ‘It’s my life’

SHINee- Lucifer with f(x)

This is all I can find currently..So I’ll end it here ^^ Tomorrow I’ll continue, hopefully finding a Clearer version of SHINee’s Lucifer with f(x)
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I’m actually not in charged of posting, cause next year I’d be Sec4. But this site is becoming rather dead without any updates. So I guess Imma update…

Videos from yesterday’s SBS GayoDaejun

SHINee with f(x):

Key and Onew singing a trot:

Maknae performance, by SHINee Taemin SNSD Seohyun 2PM Chansung MBLAQ Mir After School Lizzy Kara Jiyoung f(x) Sulli
(I hears Sulli isn’t f(x)’s maknae, so I dno if I shld call it makenae performance~)

SBS Gayo Daejun Opening:
They’re trying to show the mini version of SuperJunior, Miss A, CN Blue, 2NE1, SHINee, Kara, (er..I dno who the artist is >.< Sry), 2pm, SNSD and BoA

Rehearsal clip of Onkey during Trot Rehearsal

Few days back, it was SHINee’s 1st Concert in Japan, this video is the day after the concert, when they’re at Gimpo Airport. They look really tired~:

Fancams from SHINee’s Japan concert:


Onew’s Solo, he sang an Italian Opera, ‘Nessun Dorma’ I heard that his pronounciation is quite good~:

Get Down, I’m sorry but not all the fancams are very clear..:

Replay and LLO, I can’t seem to find one that took the members and dance..Sorry..(this is just the audio):

Your Name:








Up and Down:

Minho’s Solo, WOW his english is good, and I think his vocals suit this song XP:

Taemin’s Solo, his vocals really improved 🙂 He does sound a tinyyy bit like Jonghyun at times:

Key’s Solo, ‘My first kiss'(i think? isit? Lol):

Angel Key perhaps:

Starcall from Ontae:

Minho’s NONONO:


And ALSO~~ I’VE GT SOME REALLY GOOD NEWS,  Running Into The Sun (the organiser for Super Junior concert in Jan 2011) has revealed that they are currently in the “final stage of negotiations” with SM Ent to bring SHINee World to Singapore!! Yep, to SINGAPOREEEEEEE!!!! Who’se excited? Well I definitely am! I hope they do come (:

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And yep, SHINee cried at the concert. With Jonghyun who gt the ball rolling, to Key then 2min then Dubu~

Last pic before I end my post:

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Taemin on ‘Invincible Youth’

Source: dc shinee
Reupload: ♥Mrs.Minho♥
Credit: shineee.net

Heard he would be giving somebody a backhug haha. The episode where he appears will be broadcasted in Korea tomorrow (3rd Dec) 🙂 The episode should be aired on KBS World with english subs 2 -3 weeks later ^^

Preview below 😀