‘The Warrior’s Way’ Premiere

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SNSD’s Jessica expresses her affection for SHINee’s Onew

SNSD’s Jessica expressed her affection for SHINee’s Onew on the November 28th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Nocturnal Variety.”

Fellow member Hyoyeon first began talking about Onew in comparison to the traits of her ideal man, by stating that he fit only two of her three desired traits, the third being humor.

Jessica retorted, “Onew is so nice and caring. It doesn’t matter if he’s not humorous because I’m not humorous either,” showing her affectionate feelings for him.

She continued, “Onew and I sang a duet song together once. I like people that sing well, and Onew sings well and has a nice voice.”

The two then went on to sing their duet song on the spot, leading MC Shin Dong Yeob to comment, “Jessica never took her eyes off of Onew the entire time they were singing.”

Jessica gave her characteristically chic reply, “Well, I see him every day so of course I stare at him while singing.”

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Lena Park’s thoughts on duet with Onew

“We both were too busy. Especially Onew had a busy schedule, so we couldn’t do a rehearsal with the band until the day of recording. It is extremely hard to do so unless you have a very good musical ability. However, that fellow showed it,” she praised.

“I was worried because it’s not easy to memorize the lyrics of a pop song in a short time and to sing it live. Even experienced pro singers often cannot memorize a pop song completely. I knew Onew sings well and with ease but was still concerned because he had a tremendously busy schedule and looked tired. But he surprised me with his perfect singing in 4-5 hours.”

“He was able to sing in such a short time like he practiced a lot. I thought, he is loved as an idol singer because of his musical ability. It was a satisfying and exciting performance,” she smiled looking back on the duet performance.

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Here is the video of the duet if you want to take a look! 😀