2 top boy groups – SHINee and B2ST scary parallel theory!

On the 24th, MNET broadcasted “WIDE Entertainment News – Spy Groups Ranking” which included BEAST and SHINEE’s appearance. Their friendship between them was recognized and received attention from the public.
Both of them, since debut, has the similarity of targeting the female market. SHINEE debuted with the song “Nuna neomu yeppeo” which has received attention from female fans, meanwhile BEAST debuted with “Bad Girl”, which from the title itself has already captured the attention of female fans.
Meanwhile, both composers and lyricist of the group, Onew and JunHyung came from the same home town, and they even have the same blood type (O blood type) which has brought both laughter and surprise to the viewers.
SHINEE and BEAST’s heights are alike too, in which it was proven true. First off, the tallest of both groups, MinHo and Dongwoon are having the same height of 181cm. It was revealed that, not only did their heights are the same, both of them were born in the same year (1991) too.
SHINEE’s member, Kim JongHyun and MinHo along with BEAST’s Kikwang and others, have the same age too. “WIDE Entertainment News – Spy Groups Ranking” has also proven another main point. They both have a brotherly relationship among each members.
Meanwhile, not only BEAST and SHINEE are parallel to each other. The parallel theory applies to other stars as well. It was revealed that BEAST’s member Yoon DooJoon and Yoon KyeSang are parallel to each other.
Both Doojoon and KyeSang will always pose in a consistent manner whenever they are taking photos. In this program, both poses of these 2 stars were exposed with a “Picture Pose Episode”, causing viewers to burst into laughter. MNET’s “WIDE Entertainment News – Spy Groups Ranking” was aired on April 24th (Tuesday 5pm).
*Parallel theory means that both are alike from different aspects.

credits : BNT NEWS, wiki.d-addicts.com
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120430 [Trans] Little Conversation of SHINee at ‘I AM’ Movie Showcase

MC asked SHINee,how do you feel when you are watching your own video? Key said “when we were trainees, we weren’t sure whether we can debut or not. I always had these type of questions and troubles, therefore, letting the audiences to see our videos when we were training seriously and hardworking-ly, those are the records of our efforts…

credit: Dinosaur_Hyun

Key: “I and my mother went to Seoul to follow SM audition.”

MC: “these people will tell their stories. Bcz the film is based on the sweat and passion produced, it is very meaningful.”

Taemin: we’re seriously filming I AM movie, and we hope you will love it a lot. Thank you

Taemin feet not touching the floor when he sat down. the chair is too height for him. LOL

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[Photos] 120430 Shining SHINee @ Incheon Airport from Sapporo

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[!!!] SHINee, B1A4, Teen Top, Jay Park and will be coming to Singapore for ‘Boyz Nite Out’ Concert on 15th June 2012

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K-pop has sure been dominating the shores of Singapore over the past few months (or even the past year) and this trend has proven its rising popularity among fans of the Hallyu wave. This upcoming June, fans will be thrilled to know that four K-pop boybands and one multi-talented singer are ready to rock a music festival, titled ‘Boyz Nite Out K-pop Festival’ on aone-night only show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
Boyz Nite Out K-pop Festival
Organisers: Launch Entertainment and Contents Storage Group
Date: June 15th, 2012 (Friday)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 7pm
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Artistes Lineup: SHINee, Jay Park, B1A4, Teen Top,
Ticket Prices: S$148 & S$178 (Excluding S$3 SISTIC handling fees)
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Tickets will be available for sale via SISTIC web site at 9am or 10am via SISTIC hotline (+65 6348 5555) and islandwide booths from 9th May onwards.
Stay tuned to HallyuSG as we bring you more updates on the above event!
In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Launch Entertainment on their facebook page as well.
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Date: 15th June 2012, Friday
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 7.00PM
Tickets: $148 (balcony / terrace), $178 (standing / arena)
**Above prices do not include SISTIC handling fees

Public sales start 9th May 2012. (9am Sistic online & 10am Sistic counters)

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Credit: Launch Group