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Here are the 2 admins in-charge of SHINee Singapore, feel free to drop us an email, sgforshinee@hotmail.com, regarding SHINee news anytime and we’ll reply you as soon as possible!  😀

No need to worry if you need to be a member to email us or not,

we’ll still answer all your inquiries as best as we can. ^ ^

Cheers to all SHINee fans!!!

SHINee Singapore WordPress Administrators

Main Admin: Yumi
Co- Admin: Samantha


51 thoughts on “Our Administrators

  1. Hi! May i know when is the specific date for SHINee’s Shinee World in Singapore 2012 concert tickets selling??? I knw it’s selling at August but which day? Thank u~ ^^

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I’m not from Singapore but I’m going to the ‘Boyz nite out’, so this is my first time attending their live performance and I was hoping to get the same hotel as them… Do u know any idea which hotel they may gonna stay in? Jus a guess! 🙂

  3. Hi! May i know which hotel is SHINee staying in for this coming Boyz nite out k-pop festival on 15th June?

  4. Hi! i want to buy Shinee’s 4th mini ablum sherlock.. Can you recommend me some website that i could go to buy the album??

    Thanks A lot!!

  5. my name is Lay Kuan from the National University of Singapore. I’m currently a student and research assistant to Dr. Siyoung Chung in the Communications and New Media Department (FASS), and we’re working on a kpop project on singapore teenagers and fandom.

    Thus, I would like to seek your permission in allowing us to post survey questions on your facebook wall and encouraging members of your fanclub to participate.

    Also, if possible, we would like to get some of the members who are in their secondary schools to join us for a short focus group conversation at NUS in about two weeks time.

    Would really appreciate your help! Thank you! (:

    Lim Lay Kuan

  6. Hi, do u have any latest updates of shinee? And when will they be coming to Singapore again? How can we have shinee latest updates so tat we wun miss em out. Thank alot;)

    • But its not stated on the synopsis that SHINee is coming to Singapore. Are you sure? If not i’m seriously going to attend Korean Music Wave 2011

      • Please do keep a look out on the official website to prevent any disappointment. We would all love to see SHINee coming to Singapore again but up till now, everything is just rumors so be sure to check on the official website (google would lead you to the site) as we, the admins would not be responsible for any losses if one should believe any un-solid-proofed sources posted every/anywhere.

        Thank you very much for your understanding.

  7. I want to know on the 2nd April for the show where to gather at and need to contact the people of the SHINEe member

  8. Hello,

    This is a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at shineesingapore.wordpress.com.

    May I use part of the information from this post above if I provide a backlink back to your website?


  9. Is it possible that there is any person in charge where i can talk to? Regarding about the Shinee live in sg. Please contact me @97907649. Thankyou.

  10. Hi,there’s a upcoming big event in Nov where shinee will be singing live in sg clubs. For more details/tickets info please contact me @97907649 now. ♥

  11. Hi, ^____^

    We would like to collaborate with you in preparation for the upcoming Korean Pop Night Concert that SHINee will be attending in Singapore.

    Before I start to go into details, perhaps you might be interested to know a little about us. The webpage was set up during June 2009 to serves as a Singapore based SHINee project host. It went on hiatus from August 2009 due to tight schedules. We are not a SHINee news/update portal and neither are we a SHINee forum. The main objective is to gather Singapore Shawols together.

    To have a better view of what projects we might be having…
    Current pending projects:
    + Food & refreshments for SHINee & staff on 23rd October
    + Gifts for SHINee to bring back to Korea

    We have yet settled down on any ideas and are still open to suggestions.

    I sincerely hope that you and your members will join us. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

    URL: http://shineegirl.webs.com/

    Singapore SHINee World

    • Anyway, I just realize someone is already trying to unite all the SHINee world in Singapore. In that case, you may ignore my previous message.

      Since, what I wanted to do is already accomplished by our fellow shawol.

      Let’s work hard to build the SHINee fanbase in Singapore.


      • Yes there is a fb group that is trying to standardise quite a few things, I’m trying to ask if we can collab with them but if there is no reply then…i guess…i don’t know lets just see if they’ll reply anytime soon…

  12. Hi sorry but you mentioned you were … students? Like younger students, or older students? ‘Cause I always admired people who are young and can handle so many SHINee stuff… hmmz. Haha :3 Don’t worry I’m not a stalker 😀 Just a curious gal 🙂

  13. hi may i know when and what time exactly and what terminal all that for shinee’s arrival?isit on thursday or friday?? :/

  14. hey there!
    just wanna let you all know that in episode 6 of Hello Baby, there is a feature of SINGAPORE!! it shows them coming to sg at changi airport, the fan sign session & they also teach yoogeun how sg’s Merlion came about! hahaha!

    here is the link:

  15. Hello~
    Do you have any details about SHINee’s departure?
    I didn’t get to see them at the fansign.. hmm..
    Just hope to see them at least once~ ^^

  16. Hello yanting ! i tink i noe who u are .i saw u at the fansign at lot 1 .u are sitting infront of me . i tink u noe lynn rite ? she is my fren . she told me u are the site master 😀 Nice to meet you:D

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