Jonghyun’s Thank you message @ UFO

[종 현]안녕하세요 종현입니다!! 벌써 날씨가 포근해졌네요~~^^

전 따뜻한 날씨 속에서 기타도 배우고 많은것들을 준비중입니다. ^^

여러분 어찌 지내세요!ㅋ 보고 싶네요. 아 그리고 생일축하해 준거 너무 고마워요^^

평범히 지나갈 날들이 당신 때문에 특별해졌어요 고마워^^

어서 만납시다! 다시 웃는 얼굴로^^


[JongHyun]Hello This is Jonghyun!! It’s mild weather already~~^^I’m practicing many things like playing guitar, etc in this warm weather.^^ How have you been, guys?ㅋ I miss you. Ah, and thank you very much for the happy birthday messages^^ You make my ordinary days so special. Thank you^^See you soon, with smiling face^^

Credits: FB – ONEW SANGTAE♥♥  ‎[L.A.]

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What’s SHINee up to recently?

Sorry SHAWOLS for the (very very) lack of updates. I know a lot of fans have been asking us, when is SHINee coming again, will any concerts be held etc etc, but so sorry..

We have not receive any concrete news that SHINee is coming to Singapore for any type of events yet.

I guess we will all have to wait and speculate… Let’s hope that organizers will bring SHINee to Singapore, again, soon!!! All 5 of them! *CHEER*

Some news, picture(s) and videos for now! (:

SHINee at TvN ” Opera Star 2011 “

Key @ Santa Fe Fanmeeting (lol!)

[FAN CAMS 110402]

Onew giving 2 thumbs up to CSJH’s Sunday @ Opera

Happy Taemin cute moments fancam + 2min moment @ Opera Star

Taemin fan cam, so close you wanna reach out & touch @ Opera Star (better watch this on full screen :))

Key cute moment @ Opera Star


Taemin & Key @ Opera Star

What’s more?

” [RUMORED] News about Hanakimi Roles from SME!”

“When news that SMent is going to film “Hana Kimi” started spreading, netizens have been making up their own dream-cast lists. Recently, SM officials have already released part of the cast list on their official site.

The current list had SHINee’s Minho as popular high-jump athlete, Izumi Sano, SNSD’s Yoona as the female lead Mizuki Ashiya, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul would act Shuichi Nakatsu as who fell for Mizuki Ashiya, causing him to be confused of his own sexuality.

Leeteuk would be acting as a flirtatious senior . The current list might still under go changes.”

Well, if it’s all true, the drama will be a bigggg hit ain’t it? 😀

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