[NEWS] Pink Play Party Season 4 ETUDE X SINGAPORE

Are you all ready? SHINee is coming to Singapore in a month! 

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[NEWS] SHINee plans to release a new mini album in the second half of 2013

It looks like flaming charisma Minho really meant it when he said that SHINee will be “promoting in Korea so much the audience will get sick of them”!
On the morning of June 12th, a news article on Nate about TVXQ’s Japanese tour contained information about the plans SM Entertainment has for their artists for the rest of the year. One of the reveals was about SHINee’s 5th mini album that has been planned for release in the later half of the year. 
As fake articles are so easily circulated around the internet, a fan in Korea took the initiative to call up SM Entertainment’s office. A staff member confirmed the authenticity of the news article, and also confirmed that the plans mentioned are in accordance with what the company has currently.
With two wildly successful album releases in first half of 2013, one can only imagine what SHINee has in store for us!
Source: Nate
Written by: debsayys @ shineee.net