[NEWS/CONTEST] NYLON Singapore X Etude House Pink Play Party


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[NEWS] SHINee’s cover of Shinhwa’s song leaves the deepest impression on Shinhwa fans



Do you know about the ‘Orange Princesses’? Alluding to the representative color of Shinhwa’s official fanclub Shinhwa Changjo, orange, this is how the fans are referred to. Following Shinhwa’s return after 4 years, ‘Orange Princesses’ scattered everywhere have once again started to move intoaction.

During the past 2 months, OhMyStar has been holding chat sessions in a cafe in Gangnam with 5 formidable ‘Orange Princesses’, who have been fans for more than 10 years.

“SHINee’s ‘Wild Eyes’ left the deepest impression”

Many younger singers have performed Shinhwa’s songs. If you have to pick the best performance of the lot? SHINee did well.

More than anything SHINee is under SM Entertainment. Shinhwa is a group that came from SM too so it’s in a way a meaningful performance. SM’s new group re-enacting a song from a group that came out of SM. ‘Wild Eyes’ is a powerful song and they did it better than I expected.

Credit: omonatheydidnt via: SFI/Shawolindo

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