Happy Birthday, SHINee World’s Bling Bling Jonghyun! <3

cr: ohshinee

via: jungwiboon

via: littleshinee

via: specialiff

Dear Kim Jonghyun ssi,

Happy 23rd Blingday!! 😀 Thank you for bringing so much joy to our SHINee World<3 Thank you for singing these beautiful melodies for our ears<3 Thank you for writing the touching song, Honesty. Thank you for adding more joy and laughter to our Twitter Timeline.

SHINee wouldn’t be where it is without you, your dorkiness or your voice<3  As a Shawol, I’m really proud of you. Proud of how much you’ve grown over these few years. Proud of how strong you can be for your fans and for music. Proud of …everything that you’ve done and are<3

Thank you for being an inspiration, Thank you for being our motivation. Thank you for the tears you’ve shed for us. Thank you for your existence.

To our emotional Dino Jonghyun, Happy Birthday 🙂 Please stay happy, healthy and dorky always. SHINee World will be here for you, behind you to catch you if you fall or need to rest (not literally). We will always love and support you. Happy Birthday, Bling Bling Jonghyun


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