[Eng] 120405 SHINee Live Me2Day Chat


Source; yukine

source: DC | re-upload and shared: vanypinkk @ soompi

Translated Some parts, it’s not 100% right but the idea is there
Hope you understand :)!

A fan asked how to go to SM ent , Jonghyun replied the direction and subway line clearly and let the person know kkee!

Fan:Which member always get angry?ㅋㅋ Minho:Member who get angry easily is Jonghyun Hyung Jonghyun Hyung is Devilㅎ

Fan: Other member read online comic too? Minho : Nopeㅎ Only Jonghyun Hyung reads ㅎㅎ

Fan: Oppa have you read “a name水位’s ” Fanfic before ? If yes which Chapter did you read?

Jonghyun : I don’t read Fanfic ㅎㅎ

Fan: Regarding Tone Down Make Up what’s your Thought Kibum ahh

Key: That photo taken is lousy, Never Deliberately Tone Down Before

Chinese trans: haitianyueye

English Trans: Forever_SHINee

cr: forevershiningshinee




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