[Trans] SHINee – Comment on Japan Sherlock Release

[Trans] SHINee – Comment Release Japan Sherlock

Onew : Greetings to all Japanese friends, long time no see!
Everyone : Hello everyone, we are Shining SHINee!
Onew : SHINee has completed our first new song SHERLOCK in 2012!
Jonghyun : SHERLOCK was planned to be produced and to be promoted in both Korea and Japan simultaneously. How does everyone feel about our MV?
Key : Because this is the first time we are recording Japanese and Korean version at the same time so it was twice or thrice more difficult than what we have used to go through. However just by thinking everyone’s happy expressions, (we have) completed this production happily.
Jonghyun : What makes this song worth listening?
Onew : SHERLOCK is a fully-energized song, a very memorable song.

Q: “Which are the member’s favourite lyrics in the song?”
Key : My part, of course! ~ Freeze!
Jonghyun and Onew : Freeze!
Key : Freeze!

Jonghyun : What makes this MV worth watching?
Taemin : SHERLOCK’s Choreography is really charismatic, so everyone, please pay attention to our dance.
Minho : Also, we hope that everyone will pay close attention to the contents in the MV, and our acting skills as we transform into Sherlock (Holmes).
Key : SHINee’s 4th Japanese Single “Sherlock” is predicted to be released in May. Everyone, please wait a little more.
SHINee : The above is brought to you by Shining SHINee, Thank you everyone.
Minho : Thank you
Onew : Let’s meet during the Japan Arena Tour~
Jjong, Key, Minho : Goodbye!
Taemin : (Meet you) Soon!

Japanese-Chinese : UNIQUETAEM! (Taemin Fan Union) / Chinese-English : soundtracklove@soompi


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