[Fanaccount] 120401 Onew fanaccount at Ilsan Fansign

FAN: Oppa why are you so handsome?
ONEW: I know
FAN: (laughs)
ONEW: What am I saying
FAN: You’re so handsome
ONEW: Thank you

ONEW: Hello
FAN: I saw you playing shooting games during guerilla date at Hongdae
FAN : You hit every target, it was so cool
ONEW: It is?
FAN: Yup
ONEW: I knew it (laughs)
FAN: Is there anything Jinki can’t do?
ONEW: None~

This fan wrote a message on her cd for Onew to read:
“Jinkiya, you’re the best! I will always cheer for you.
You’re like my vitamins, I receive strength from you always~”
Jinki lauged pointing at her note.
ONEW: The best! Vitamins!!
FAN : I woke up early in the morning for work so I’m feeling dazed
ONEW: I woke up early too~
FAN : What time did you get up?
ONEW: I got up at 6am ^▽^
FAN: I.. I got up at 4am
ONEW: You can’t call that sleep!

FAN: Thank you for being born.
ONEW: Aigoo!
FAN: Please keep singing!
ONEW: Of course, I will till I die old (laughs)

credits: 징쁘

via onewthings


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