[Fanaccounts] 120327 SHINee at Show Champion Recording

Show Champion Sherlock Recording, they are wearing the same outfits which they first wore for their recording at MCD. Taemin is in white, first thing which Taemin do on stage was to eat. His expression was so cute while he was chewing the food in his mouth. After recording, he sat one side obediently, letting cody to touch up on his make up. Each time he waved, he was always smiling (like a flower).

via momojean translated by ningzzhi


Show Champion Their condition today was explosively good. Overly cute. Jonghyun was greeting everyone, and saying that at night, there will still be a recording. Minho was imitating at the side, following after Jonghyun’s action. Always the same, Jonghyun waved, he waved; Jonghyun talked, his lip syncing. So naughty ~ When starting to record Sherlock, everyone was looking at Minho’s facial expression. He became shy and laughed. He used his hands to cover his eyes and mouth, cuteness overloaded!

via: minhoney translated by: ningzzhi



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