[News]SHINee’s flawless live performance of “Sherlock” impress netizens

SHINee is back, and they are back with a vengeance.

On March 23rd, SHINee put on an explosive performance for their title track “Sherlock” on KBS‘s Music Bank.

Prior to the performance, leader Onew commented to reporters, “It has been a long time since we were on stage so we are very nervous. We have prepared very hard for the stage so its a shame we can’t perform for a long time.

In regards to the preparation for the album, Onew said, “I did not consciously begin a diet but practicing such a dynamic performance caused me to get a V-line naturally.”

Furthermore, Onew spoke about his absence from SHINee’s performance earlier this year in Paris due to his injured ankle, “I very  much regretted not being able to perform on stage. Through this comeback performance, I will vent my regret.”

When SHINee took to the stage for “Sherlock”, it was to put on a near perfect live performance filled with fantastic dance moves. The choreography for ‘Sherlock’ was created by renowned choreographer, Tony Testa, and requires much skill and precision by all the members.

Netizens responded to the explosive live performance by commenting, “The performance and live vocals were all Daebak! Where are all the haters who said they were lip syncing?” , “They eat CD’s… that is why their live is so good” and, “Do they have radio implants in their throats? I got goosebumps from the live vocals“.

SHINee – Stranger @ MUSIC BANK 120323


Source & Image: Nate

via: Forevershiningshinee


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