[Trans] Key for Ceci Magazine





An ambitious experience, after the release of this album, there are even more to look forward to, even more things I wish to do. “SHERLOCK” , an impactful song.

Regarding popularity, it is about popular idols/singers singing popular songs. We should not say “Why is this singer not popular?” But it is usually that we listen to “really popular” voices. Recently, in the music industry, there are voices everywhere saying who who who is good, it’s like arguing. All are popular composers, all are working with the best image stylists, all are from the best stylists’ room, compared to one who only have popularity but no personality, we just want to slowly present (SHINee) to everyone.

Taemin who is only 20years old, he has matured. Everytime we meet, it feels like it is still the first time, everyone is almost or have already reach their 20s! When we first met, Taemin was only elementary year 6 and I am in secondary two. It has became a common thing, watching each other grow up.

SHINee in the 20s,  if only we are like Peter-pan. The desire to work hard happily. People in their 10s are studying, we went the opposite route. We went into the industry in our 10s, if we want to do it now, i guess not. We must continue to be happy in the future!

During COMEBACK, on all the music shows, I want to meet good friends like KARA & Beast. Now going to TV Station, it’s only the seniors. How? I am not used to greeting the seniors. (Laugh)

Now, I am very well. I live my life interestingly, I put in effort in everything I am doing; Not being too different from the others, I am grateful for the things I can work hard for, tomorrow. I have not once regret my decisions.

Chinese Translations: OnKeycn
English Translations: _almightyblings


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