[Trans][UFO] Jjong’s 120213 & 120215 UFO Replies

2012.02.13 21:04

[Fan] Oppa ah~ Do you miss me?

[Jonghyun] Eh I miss you

2012.02.13 21:08

[Fan] Starting to tweet

[Jonghyun] ㅋㅋㅋ Won’t tweet frequently ㅎㅅㅎ

2012.02.13 21:09

[Fan] Been living well?

[Jonghyun] Yes ^^

2012.02.13 21:09

[Fan] The twitter is Oppa’s right? I knew Oppa will open an account

[Jonghyun] O O How do you know

2012.02.13 21:10

[Fan] I miss you, Jonghyun Oppa

[Jonghyun] I miss all of you too ᅲᅲ

2012.02.13 21:18

[Fan] Eh please upload more of the photos taken previously

[Jonghyun] No no No no no no Too many moderators

2012.02.13 21:18

[Fan] My heart is beating fast because of Oppa

[Jonghyun] th-thump, th-thump

2012.02.15 05:11

[Fan] Ok… I’m not expecting a sentence~ Can you reply in a sentence~ Please~

[Jonghyun] tuk! tuktuk!! ㅜTutututuktukutku!!

2012.02.15 05:13

[Fan] I will always think of you whenever I’m happy or sad

[Jonghyun] Oh really

2012.02.15 05:15

[Fan] Step aside I want to dance Oppa’s part, your guidance please…

[Jonghyun] Firstly, take off your shoes

2012.02.15 05:15

[Fan] Jong O-o-o-o-o-o~ppa Can you reply me if you are reading UFOs now?

[Jonghyun] O O

2012.02.15 05:18

[Fan] Oppa what drama serials are you watching?

[Jonghyun] Not watching

Chinese translation credits: tsconditional

English translation: eimanjjong


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