[120210][Fanaccount] Taekey attends a Wedding Ceremony

Not long ago, I went to Seocho-dong’s Cathedral to attend my husband’s friend’s wedding
How is this possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How is this possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The ones who sang were not just anyone but it was SHINee!!
At this age, I am still doing such things (s/n : fangirling), it feels abit… (inappropriate)
However all the uncles around me were all whipping their handphones out to take photos~
The quiet cathedral suddenly became really happening~
But why do they only stand around the bride’s relatives side to sing~ why don’t you all come and sing at the groom’s side~~
Even though (I) feel abit sad that charismatic Minho wasn’t present,
Even though (I) feel abit sad that Jonghyun, the one with good vocals wasn’t present
OMO..What is happening!
Taemin and Key actually can sing so well~ (My fandom are all lead singers hehehe)
After singing, they gave really cute blessings (to the bride and groom) !!!!
Please give birth to sons like us~~
Ah cuties~
Ah, but is it possible?

S/N : The author is probably a Shawol

View the blog entry here : http://sangpretty.blog.me/120152234043

Credits : __TaeMin__(baidu) // Kor-Chi Translations状态组 //  Chi-Eng Translations : soundtracklove@soompi


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