Sons of the Sun – Key wasn’t allowed to see David Guetta!


Quote [Taemin’s POV] Key: David Guetta! I really like this person! When is this? Whoa it’s the night before our leaving day! I certainly will go, don’t stop me, I certainly say I’ll go!
So, our last day, was the day when David Guetta, which is called as legend of DJ’s performance at the club. Key-hyung and I were very excited. But, we were detained at the entrance gate.
Girl in the front: Shorts are not allowed!
Then, Key-hyung took away Manager-hyung’s clothes and put it on on him.
Key: Is it allowed this time? Girl in the front: No, these shoes aren’t allowed!
He then put on Manager-hyung’s shoes.
Key: Here’s the entrance fee! Girl in the front: No, this t-shirt isn’t allowed! Key: What did you say?
Key hyung was about to cry, honestly we just laughed and giggled at (that expression) him. At the end, we just laid on the beach sand and gazed at the night sky. Key hyung didn’t say anything. Ah, don’t be sad! Hyung! Next time, we’ll certainly can see David Guetta! That time, we’ll certainly see him!

Source/Translation: minhogoon@Livejournal, Weibo Credit: SHINee Forums International ( | via: dkpopnews; forevershiningshinee


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