SHINee solo stage in London + Translated Interview

Onew’s Solo performance: 

What if you could have three wishes?

1. To be able to talk to lots of people.

2. To go on a trip.

3. To become a walking encyclopedia

First, I’d want to (be able) talk to lots of people right now. Like today, (I’m at) a new magazine, enjoying meeting new people. Before I had a shy character, but, that’s no longer the case.

Secondly, to go on as many trips as I like. Although it would be hard to breathe [1], trips with the person you like are the best. The third is, to acquire a lot of knowledge. I yearn to become a well-informed person so I can teach people.

What do you think if you had this right now, you’d be happy.

A car.

I like travelling, even more, I’m the type that likes to just decide to go out and then do it so I car is important for getting around. On a regular day too, if there’s time, once in a while I’d go for drives too. Drive along the Han River (which runs through Seoul) and enjoy the night time scenery.
And when there’s a little time I’d go to the mountains with my friends at dawn.
In the northeast, I’ve been to Sorak Mountain [2] and I’d like to go to Japan’s Mount Fuji if the chance arises.
A music player is also something that makes me happy.

What were you like as a young child?

I liked making things.

When I was young, I would run around on the playground. I was an energetic child.

I liked making things from my imagination, I was into Legos, my dream was to be a designer or a architect.

What are you tackling zealously?

Listening to different types of music.

I’m searching for my own music style, how should I put it? For research, I’m in the midst of listening to a lot of different music.

On the internet, you (can) discover music and listen to it right away, for me it’s the feeling you get when it hits your ears. I’m the type, when I listen to music, it’s not about the details, it’s more the overall feel of it. I do listen to songs by Japanese artists, but I don’t remember the name. Sorry~ (in Japanese).

What Japanese Oyagi gag [3] have you learned recently?

Kono ikura, ikura? (How much is this salmon roe?)

In addition to Kaeru ga kaeru (the frog is returning), futon ga futtonda (The futon flew), I recently learned “How much is this salmon roe?”. The staff tells me them, but I thought of this one myself! Oyagi gags are a fun way to learn Japanese, a good way to study. A (Japanese) word I’ve learned recently is Isogashii (Busy). I use it a lot on location. I’ve also learned “Giroppon” (laugh) [4]

What’s your fashion obsession?

I like rough (style of) clothing.

I like styles you can relax comfortably in. I don’t like narrow clothes! If I go out and see something I like, I just buy it instantly. I probably like buying food more than clothes (laugh) I love chicken more than clothes! The other day I devoured 36 chicken wings by myself. (laugh) Afterwards, the bones were all piled up in a heap~

What are you doing to maintain your health?

A good night’s rest.

I’ve always been the type to (fall) sleep easily and sleep soundly. If I have no plans for a day, I could sleep for 4 – 15 hours. I’m good if I get to sleep for two hours. If I can’t sleep for just three hours, 2 hours is good, I think. Secondly, I drink a lot of water. Each time I drink, I drink up 500 ml of water. Today’s breakfast was yukhoejang. (In Japanese:) It’s a Korean dish. I can’t do anything unless I eat!

[1] Not literally. I think this means as in relax.


[3] Literally “old man jokes”, mainly puns in this case,

But if you’ve ever said anything like SHINee is so shiny, you should forgive Onew.

[4] It’s a way of saying Roppongi, they do it for “fun”. Instead of Ginza they say “Zangi” and instead of oppai (breasts) they say “paiotsu”. It might be lots of fun, but not for me.


Jonghyun’s Solo performance:

What are you working zealously on?

Body care

(Being) healthy is the best!
For a single concert, you’re doing 3 hours of performance, so you must take care of your body, that’s the most important!!
Concerts are physically hard. Although, when you’re up on stage, you’re coming in contact with all of the fans, so on the day of the performance, you feel content and get a good night’s sleep.

When do words (for songs) pop into your head?

(Even from) Tetris, an image of love (appeared)

At times when you’re watching a picture or a movie, you could be inspired. But interestingly, at times when you’re doing something unrelated it could come into your head.

The other day, I was playing Tetris, and suddenly, an image of love started to form. [1]
When it comes to me, I’ll whistle the melody into my cellphone.
Recently, instead of “Love”, I’ve been finding it fun to (write) lyrics about ordinary things.

What sort of child were you when you were little?

Lively, and I liked dinosaurs.

When I was little, I was bright and lively, I loved (playing) pranks.
Basically I’ve grown up into the same character (laugh).
I liked large dinosaurs and I read colouring books, etc ne.

What makes you think, “If I had this, I would be happy?”

Spare time.

I’m naturally the type that has soon as I think about, I put it into action, so if I had sufficient time, then I wouldn’t feel so rushed. I think if I definitely had the feeling of having just a little more spare time then I’d happy.

What if you could have three wishes granted?

1. Be able to play any instrument

2. Turn back the hands of time

3. Teleport

Before, I used to play bass, but, now I’m practicing the guitar.
If I could play different instruments, my understanding of how to mesh the together would improve, I think.

As for turning back time, isn’t this something everyone thinks about?
If I could go back to my student days, I would study more, etc (laugh)
For teleportation, I have to travel a lot within (Korea) and outside, I want to teleport to the next place, I want to so I can meet everyone sooner.

What do you always buy at Japanese convenience stores?

Ice Cream!

It’s ice cream I guess. It’s one of the snacks I eat a lot. There are so many delicious flavours!

I like eating the bar ones more than the cup ones. (laugh)

What sort of physical training are you doing?

I ride the bicycle at the gym.

I always do weight training without fail.
If I don’t train, not only will I lose muscle, but I get tired easily.

Recently in order to improve my physical strength and stamina, I’ve been getting on the bicycle at the gym. I’m trying to balance aerobic and anaerobic training.


Key’s Solo performance:

What fashion item have you bought recently?

A gorgeous coat. [1]

It’s gradually getting colder so I bought a lovely coat.
I shop in Korea a lot, but, if I have time abroad I’ll do it
Recently, I’ve been to vintage shops in Paris and Spain. I checked out Army hats, etc.
Vintage shops abroad have lots of rare stuff so it’s the first place, I go!
In Japan, unfortunately I haven’t checked.

Right now, what do you think “If there’s this, I’ll be happy”.

Everything thing I have right now.

Everything I have. I must not lose anything I already have.

What do you buy a lot at Japanese convenience stores?


The moist type, I’ve discovered really good disposable ones!
I use them a lot when getting on a plane, each time I come, I buy a box.I spend a lot of time on airplances, 12 -13 hours so in order to (prevent) from my throat drying out I treasure them.
You can only get them in Japan so I take them back for my Korean friends as souvenirs, but now they hand over money and request, “Please, buy some for me”. (laugh)

What sort of child were you in your younger days?

Even now, I (still) like drawing.

In my younger days, I was cheerful, energetic kid. I wanted to be an artist and a singer.
Art was something I liked more than my talent, even now I still drawn.
On my mother’s side, there’s a lot of people like my uncle who’s an architect and in to Arts and such.

For this fall and winter clothes, what outfit [2] do you want to challenge?

Hats and Socks.

Winter has stylish hats and socks!
Recently there’s been lots of colourful items so I want to enjoy matching them with clothes and shoes. Before I didn’t take care (with combining them) but, recently I’ve been matching my socks to my pants, so I’ll do that too.

What’s your fashion hangup / obsession?

Colour Scheme

Depending on my theme for the day, I enjoy a variety of styles from a black theme to colourful.

For clothes, I’m the type that picks out my outfit the night before, standing in front of the mirror picking out clothes saying “What should I wear tomorrow?”.

When I’m going abroad for activities I take a lot of things, the managers and staff are always telling me “Key-kun, you have too much luggage!”. (laugh)

Recently, I’ve been trying punk and rockstar styles, the other day, I special ordered soles, super thick soled (aka platform) shoes.

Editors’ Note: He muttered “I’m getting on” in Japanese before putting them on (laugh) )

What if you had three wishes?

A notebook that would grant wishes.. that’s it.

If the first one is “Please for a notebook that grants the wishes you write (in it)” then I don’t need the 2nd and 3rd.
What’s the first thing I would write in it?… Probably to try and stop time, I guess.
I think it would be fun to stop time.

Minho’s solo performance:

What must you always buy at a Japanese convenience store?


I’m don’t really eat junk food usually, but when I’m lining up for the cash register, I tend to unconsciously pick it up and buy it.
As I’m chewing gum, I sort my thoughts out.

As for flavour, whether it’s the refreshing ones or any other flavour, I don’t have a preference.

What makes you think, if I have this, I’m happy.


When I’m with my family, I can relax and so on, I think (this is) happiness.
Even though I’m busy and don’t have a lot of opportunities to contact them, all the members of my family are supporting me. They check out performances on TV programmes and stuff for me.

My father coaches soccer, in the past, he was a entirely great character [1] to me. Because in primary school days he was always away and busy so I didn’t see him a lot. His character made a big impression on me.

Rather than my mother’s usual scolding, his few words had a bigger impact. (laugh)

If you could have three wishes…

1. To become the happiness (person) in the world
2. To someone meet a kind girlfriend.
3. Travel back in time.

Actually, even if I’m told that the truth is there are no 3 wishes then I would still be fine. Right now, I’m sufficiently happy (and can manage without it).

So, things like wanting to fly in air, etc, I have those, but, no big wish.

If I dared to pick, it would be these three.

What kind of child were you when you were young?

My dream was to be a soccer player

Even in my younger days, I loved being active. My dream was to be a soccer player.
However, my father who knew that harshness of professional soccer (as a former pro-soccer club coach) strongly opposed.

I gave up that dream and with the scouts from the office, I started on my dream to become a performer.

What sport do you want to challenge?


I’ve always like sports, I played soccer and basketball, but in the future, I would like to challenge golf!

Unless you concentrate, your score won’t echo (it), your mentality is what’s important.

I tried it a little before, I feel I now get why older people do it. Right now, I’m still too young (for it) so when I grow old, I think this will be the last sport I want to challenge.

What’s your fashion hangup / obsession?

Wristwatch, sunglasses, cap

These are the three things that I pay attention to.
Now, I’m checking my cellphone for the time a lot, but I’m one of those who checks their watch.
Today, I hurried out and completely forgot my watch (laugh).
This watch is simple, but the colour and design is varied and interesting.
Good things are expensive, this is rather hard ne.

I have a few watches, but, the one I received from my parents is the one I treasure the most.

What do you involuntarily become excited about?

Sport programmes on TV

The other day, we filmed for a entertainer sports tournament show on Korean TV. I completely lost, but while that was extremeeely unfortunate, I will found myself reflexively getting excited excited about it.

Taemin’s solo performance:

What do you want to do in your teen years?

Go to Alaska

Going abroad, there’s a lot of things to see, a lot of things to experience, I think I want to mature more. One place a I especially want to visit is Alaska!
We already talked about it in a 5 person interview, but, I’d like to try taking photos with SHINee in the cold Alaska scenery.
(In Japanese) I really like the cold (laugh)
For everyday weather too, rather than a clear weather day, I prefer a day just before the rain falls or a snow day.

What do you think about being the youngest on the team is good?

There’s infinite potential.

As the youngest, as for being an artist, it’s only 1 – 2 years (younger), but I think there may be a long period of challenges still.
Of course strength is required but, if you learn young, you can pick it up faster right?
Although I receive a lot of different advice from the other members, I think that there are a lot of possibilities, that makes me happy that I’m the youngest.

What three things would you wish for?

1. Flying
2. Breathing under water.
3. Elasticity

The first is flying!
I want to try flying with birds, cutting through the cool winds.

Second is breathing under water.
Diving in the deep sea, looking at the wonderous living things and seaweed.

The 3rd is being an elastic human. In the manga “One Piece” there’s a character like a rubber person, I want to stretch like that. (laugh)

[Note: He means Monkey D. Luffy:]

What are you tackling with enthusiasm?


(I’ve studied) in order to read and write hiragana, and I somehow manage to understand what I hear. But, speaking is hard.
It takes long for me to put things into words. I’m studying more so I can smoothly and naturally speak!

What’s your fashion hangup / obsession?


I like styles that show off the body’s silhouette.
I like clothes with a slim and slender line.
I wonder if there’s lots of stores to go shopping in Minami-ku near the office.

If I have this then I’m OK.


As expected, the thing that gives me the most strength is (my) family.
I’m very busy, so I don’t get to see them often, but even when we do meet after a long time, I’m happy.
Usually I don’t call often, but my family calls me a lot.
“Where are you?”
“What are you doing?”

My mom’s cooking, Chige (Korean stew), samgyetang, meat gochujyang (Korean red chili paste), fried food, etc. Whatever it is, I love it!!

What type of child were you?

I wanted to fly

I liked running around outside playing.
My dream was to be a pilot. I liked airplanes, I’d run around making pyu sounds. I wanted to fly as well.
If I looked nearby, there were no thrills (laugh)
Well, I get on a alot (of planes), now I don’t like planes as much (laugh)

cr: omonatheydidnt


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