Vote for SHINee in Singapore

Annyeonghaseyo shawols!

There are good yet bad news.

GOOD – SHINee has a chance to perform in Singapore again! (:

BAD – SHINee is falling short of votes. ):

Okay, so what Votes are we rambling about?

Well, it is the SISTIC “Vote for your Favourite Events”.

SHINee needs YOUR help in assisting to cast a vote for them so that they would be able to rock the stage in our Lion City. ^^ I’m sure you’d want your favourite all-time boyband group to visit our Little Red Dot again. However, it is rather unfortunate that SHINee is falling short of votes, 2%. Currently leading are the hot SNSD Girls with 24% of votes, followed by Arashi, Tohoshinki, Super Junior and SS501. Hence, SHINee is not one of the top 5 voted. So please shawols, contribute by casting a vote for them now!

Here’s the link:

If the link doesn’t work, visit SISTIC’s main page.

You are able to vote once daily. Be sure to use your spare emails too! ^^

Kindly spread the news to your friends, family, relatives, hardcore shawols or any humanbeing.  (:

Hopefully SM Entertainment is not disturbed/concerned & instead still send SHINee to Singapore, in the event SHINee does not make it up to the top 5. /:



2 thoughts on “Vote for SHINee in Singapore

  1. ok, I’ve done my vote, but I still think it’s a business deal btwn our organiser & SM, as you can see the previous K-POP Concert, SHINee has the loudest cheers! We are, and always, support SHINee, so sg fans cast your vote! ^^

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