2010 Expires, Shawols Inspire, SHINee Aspires

MBC’s 2010 Music Festival, the last of the three major year-end music programs, delivered a promising show on December 31st at the Ilsan MBC Dream Center in South Korea’s most populous province, Gyeonggi-do.

The remarkable line-up of stars presented extravagant performances and exclusive collaboration stages. The music festival also boasted a formidable trio of MCs – actor Ryu Si Won as well as SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany teamed up as the ‘Hallyu MCs’.

The MCs in Black.

The MCs in White.

Similar to previous years, the stars were split into two teams; either Blue or White. SHINee performed in the White group, along with other eminent bands such as SNSD, 2AM, U-Kiss and CN Blue. The ‘Whites’ were led under the supervision of singer Tae Jin Ah.

Some of SHINee’s performances include an addictive Hello + Lucifer Remix, Maknae Taemin’s collaboration stage with Fx’s Krystal & Luna and SNSD’s Yoona as well as Leader Onew’s show with CN Blue, FT Island, Luna, IU & Sunju.

SHINee Hello + Lucifer

Maknae Taemin’s Performance

Leader Onew’s Collaboration Stages

Part I

Part II

Although 2010 has passed, SHINee Singapore genuinely hopes that our Lion Shawols still possess an unwavering support for SHINee. Hopefully SHINee will shock us with launched albums soon. SHINee, fighting! May everyone be blessed in this blissful New Year. ^^

Credits to:

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and the various Youtube videos, namely by account CrazyCarrot270.


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