I read this yesterday but i didn’t know if i should post it…well i am posting it today. It is just an opinion of a reader of allkpop


b2stly2pmOctober 27, 2010 at 6:24 PM | #

i know someone who has an uncle who works in SM entertainment. and she asked him if it was true, and he said it wasn’t, and that everyone at the company is saying its not true. its all made up. and come on. do you guys really believe this? i mean its SM ENT! they don’t just let their celebrities date. and if they do, they will use every technique in the book to keep it a secret. look at the pictures. they looked like they are posed for.
and come on, this date happened in the middle of seoul which is BUSTLING with people at night. there would have been more people who uploaded pictures. its not like jonghyun and shin se kyung are under the radar, they are BOTH well known in korea. i mean EVERYONE IN KOREA KNOWS SHIN SE KYUNG<-EVEN MY GRANDPARENTS AND THEIR FRIENDS. YES. if they were really dating privately for real, then i assure you there will be more pictures on the internet from anonymous sources. and REALLY. shin se kyung is at the high point of her career. jonghyun is in SHINee, one of the most well respected, top of the line idol groups. There is no way in hell that they’d admit to dating, its unheard of. plus shinee is still only 2 years old, they’re not even allowed to have cyworlds, do you think they’d be allowed to date? if they really were dating, don’t you think it would be more in private?? if they were to go on the streets, they’d be wearing masks and hats or something to hide their faces. they wouldn’t be doing it like that for the whole world to see. they’re not stupid, they know they’ll get shit from both sides if they get revealed. and isn’t it weird that NO ONE KNEW OF THIS BEFORE IT HAPPENED? i mean, there are rumors about every idol on the face of the earth. some of them don’t make any sense at all, and some of them seem really realistic (a famous one being jinwoon and nicole) but there was NOTHING on jonghyun and sekyung. its so out of the blue. and the REAL reason why SM confessed? who knows. but many are saying its because they wanted to cover up the news that they dropped injunctions on JYJ. which makes sense.
It seems to be quite possible to me…I hope it’s true though…Some say that SM did this so as to attract the attention of others so they won’t be so focused on the JYJ issue. Some say that SM and SSK agreed to do this so as to raise each other’s popularity…I don’t know, cause none of this is confirmed, all that has been confirmed by SM is that they’re dating…Also anti SSK and Jongkyung fancafes are popping out. Even the first SSK anticafe also had a sudden increase in members…Seems like  Some Korean Shawols aren’t accepting it very well…Also rumors bout Taemin dating Sulli, Minho and Yuri(cause of a bracelet) well I don’t think it is true (:
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  1. Some fans are rather obsessed with their idols, just remember, they too have their own life to run, with or without girl friend it’s simply none of our business. We will and still support SHINee because these boys worked really hard and give us their best songs ever. SHINee hwaiting!^^

  2. okay. i fell like saying something. ah well. whether they are dating anot. is really not of our business. who cares. i like them for their talent. not for being bfs. not like they are even caring if you cry ur eyes out just because he is dating someone. come on, everyone just continue to support them in their career and quit being anti fans or non. which ever. get on with life.

    i like SHINee as they are now! hope they will have new osngs coming up real soon.

    hello hello. . . . =)

  3. but i don’t think shin se kyung would have accepted to fake this relationship since it is sooo obvious she will just get hell from fans. but if this isn’t true, then i’m happy haha

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