Jonghyun and Key injured @ Indo airport

Credit: @tamicchuu @ Twitter / JongKey_Alert @ Twitter

Here is some of the stuff going all around the internet.

– [Unconfirmed News] Jonghyun’s Injury & SHINee in Indonesia Situation These are some UNCONFIRMED eyewitness accounts going around on twitter of what happened with SHINee in Indonesia right now. Don’t completely put your faith in these quotes, but this is what everyone is worried about right now. We’ll update you as soon as we have solid proof. [EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT] “yes, I saw it, at the airport he tried to walk but can’t, so the manager gave him a piggyback, I didn’t heard anything about tae fell, but key almost fell when he’s leaving the venue, onew didn’t get thrown by water bottle, but someone grab his hair and he was so mad that he punch the bus window TT_TT” “Jjong ankle is injured,when they got off the bus at airport jjong was being carried by their manager” via @shelzyHae on twitter [KOREAN UPDATES NEWS SOURCE] Okay then..lets make some things clear now about tonight’s concert especially about SHINee and fans. #1 We didnt see anyone tried to get into backstage or something after the performance but we heard from many people about fans acting rude. #2 Now we got some infos to make this clear. Right, some fans got into backstage, but only some. Maybe 5-6 people. #3 Kicking, punching SHINee is NOT true. These fans tried to touch SHINee so SHINee was not comfortable. #4 Then maybe bcoz they were not comfortable, they were a bit mad. #5 Jonghyun was brought by his manager to get into bus bcoz he felt his leg a bit hurt. Via @Koreanupdates on Twitter (Indonesian News Source) “Nothing happened to Minho and Key. and there’s still nothing to confirm that anything happened to Taemin. “ “Regardless, almost all the fan accts i received said that SHINee is back in Korea, Seoul. Safely. =D (That’s the most impt thing) “

Via @LeaderOnewFacts on Twitter
cr: fyshinee.tumblrvia paprii @ soompi

Remember guys, NOTHING is confirmed of what caused him to have the injury. Stay tune for more information.

It was revealed today that two of SHINee’s members were injured after a performance in Indonesia. SHINee took off for Jakarta to perform for the ‘Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship Concert‘, held on the 12th.

SM Entertainment announced on the 14th, “The Indonesian fans showed a lot of interest in SHINee during this event. There were a lot of people that were waiting to see the group after the performance, so as Jonghyun was getting off-stage, he was being pushed around, causing him to twist his ankle and injure his ligaments. Key also got hurt at this time.”

SM continued, “Jonghyun went to a hospital in Seoul as soon as he arrived. He got a minor cast to protect his ankle. Key went to the hospital as well and they told him he should rest for a day or two. Because of this, SHINee could not make it to the event that was scheduled that night.”

SM added, “But their injuries are not serious, so their follow-up song ‘Hello’ will be promoted without problems. SHINee members remain very thankful of the Indonesian fans’ support.”

Their appearance in Indonesia made it to the first page of ‘The Jakarta Post’.

Suddenly this explains why SHINee performed with just Minho, Taemin and Onew at the KIKO Public Awareness Cultural Fest last night.

Credits: allkpop
Recently, 5 male idol group SHINee went to Indonesia on the 12th for the “Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship Concert” and on the event, JongHyun and Key were injured.SHINee’s agency SM Entertainment said on the 14th, “SHINee at the event received a lot of interest from the local fans, when they were coming down from the stage, thousands of fans were crowding and due to the huge crowd and the pushing, Jonghyun got injured and his left ankle was injured, also, Key was injured and got a wound in his left chest”.

He continued, “JongHyun and Key returned to Seoul on the 13th to go to the hospital to receive immediate care, they are asked to rest for 1-2 days, because of this, SHINee’s schedule will be stopped for a couple of days”.

“Since Jonghyun cannot dance because of his injury, we will delay activities for “hello”, we are happy and thankful for the big encouragement and interest Indonesian fans showed SHINee”.

Photo’s of JongHyun has been spreading around the Indonesian Newspaper because of the event showing the great interest of the local media and fans to SHINee.

Source: Starnews
Credits: blueprincess824 @

Jonghyun and Key were not at the performance, I guess maybe cause of they’re injury? I’m not sure though…
Taemin covered for Jonghyun’s part (:

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