Price: $22

Includes: Poster and TAX! (Meaning, cfm no extra charges. I can PROMISE you there wont be any additional charges.)

Purpose: I will be ordering directly from my supplier in Korea so it will confirm be counted into the charts. Purpose is to help SHINee climb up the sales chart faster.

When can I collect?: Supplier will ship out on 4th once album is released, so we MOST PROBABLY can arrange meetup on Saturday to give out the CDs. 😀 But the date is not cfm yet.

Ordering dates: From 30th September to 4th October (Whole day)

Posters: Posters will be rolled up. There will not be any tubes as they are really heavy to ship to Singapore.

Collecting method: Mass Meetup

Account number: POSB Savings 109-22060-4 (To Lesley)

Ordering methods:

1. iBanking Transfers:

ONLY POSB and DBS iBanking transfers, no other bank transferring methods. After transferring, fill in this order form and send it to

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Amound Transferred:

2. ATM Transfers:

If the machine doesn’t provide receipt, DON’T transfer using that machine, because you’ll have to attach a picture of the receipt to your order form, after you’ve transferred and send it to

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Amount Transferred:
(Remember to attach a picture of your receipt.)

I will be checking all receipts and transactions, in cases if someone tries to ‘scam’ by taking picture of same receipt, I will take the order of the first person who sent in the picture of the receipt and blacklist the ones who tried to ‘scam’.

3. Cash Deposit:

For people who couldn’t do bank transfers, you can go to POSB or DBS bank and deposit cash into my account.
Just take a picture of the transaction form and send in with your order form to :

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Amount Transferred:
(Remember to attach a picture of your transaction form.)

4. Meet Up

Sunday 3rd Oct at Wheelock Place Starbucks! Contact Lesley at 97971734 if you can’t find us! 😀

Anything unsure, just tweet us at @shineeworldsg or email us at or

Tell your friends to order together too! So that SHINee can have good album sales figures! 😀

Lighted Horns Hairbands Ordering via Bank Transfers will be extended till Saturday 2nd Oct 7pm! Meet up on Sunday will also be taking orders for lighted horns.

Price: $6
Account number: POSB Savings 249-25561-0 (Jamie)

Why Horns: It fits the Luficer, devil concept, and the boys esp Key likes the horns, so why not us SHINee Worlds wear the horns together and surprise our boys? 😀 EVERYONE can order, even if you don’t order the same shirt, we’ll still be wearing something the same on our heads. 😀 And standardized horns will look nicer.

We will give each of the boys a pair of the horns too. 😀
And our horns are specially manufactured from Thailand, it will be of higher quality so it won’t break easily.
It will be green because SHINee’s official lightsticks colour is more towards green, and we need the boys to recognize us from our colour isn’t it? 😀

IMPT: Ordering horns from us will contribute to our SHINee World Singapore canvas banner fund. Meaning the more orders, the bigger our banner! 😀 The banner will represent us SHINee Worlds in Singapore in general, not any websites or any fanclubs. We are together as one so one banner to represent us all! 😀

-taken frm shineeworldsg fb page

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