Fanpack order taking meet ups will be starting tomorow! 😀

Fanpack includes 1 Fan Shirt, 1 Lightstick, 1 Fanchant guide and 2 Official Balloons
Fanpack cost: $30 (You are supposed to pay when you order.)

…Fanshirt – I will post the design on our photo album. There will be sizes the girls taking orders will tell you the measurements for the sizes tomorrow.

Lightsticks – We are able to get LIMITED amount of Official Lightsticks ( we are not sure HOW MANY we can get, but we will try to get OFFICIAL ones for everyone. It will be on first come first serve basis. If we run out of official lightsticks, the rest who ordered later will get unofficial lightsticks. Unofficial lightsticks looks like (


Everyone who bought the fanpack or the shirt, will be entitled to write messages in our Fan Message Book for SHINee.

Strictly NO BUYING OF ANY ITEMS ALONE. Everything only comes in fanpack, I’m sorry. (Except Fan Shirt)

Any enquiries you can tweet to us at @shineeworldsg or email us at for faster reply.

Those who ordered the shirt alone will get the fanchant guide too.

EVERYONE can order. Even if you’re not going for the concert, you can wear it next time too. NO LIMITS to the amount of orders you can make.

You’ll have to pay ON THE SPOT when you order during our order taking meetups.

More info on the meet ups and lighted horns headbands will be up later.

Posted by Yimin
* this was taken from the shineeworld sg fb

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  1. if i’m ordering now (i’m still considering), when should i meet up by? coz i’ll be not free for quite some time until before the concert so it might be difficult for me to find a time…


  2. Wow, you guys are really ON man!^^ too bad I’m unable to get any tickets, but ENJOY, GET HIGH!!! and show our support! (hope there are fancams that I’ll be able to watch on the web later).

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