We have decided to collaborate with Shineeworldsg of fb, and we will be standardising our shirts~
However the shirt design is not confirmed. Also, they will be having a poll, on which design you would want for the standardised shirts (: So please do join their fb group and vote! (:
Also, If you would wish to submit a design for the shirt, you can send it to them/us @ or

However, the wp shirts are still on sale, but its deadline is lengthened. If you wish to still purchase the shirt to wear it to the airport or any events shinee MIGHT still hold, you can still order, but tell us that you would want it bfore the concert (:

Also, this group plans to:

– Fan Chants to be mass printed out and given to SHINee World. However, it’s recommended that everyone can print one set of their own. (Once we’ve confirmed the songs that SHINee will be singing.)

– Pasting of Messages/notes to SHINee on a notebook.

– LED boards, made by ourselves? have t…o double confirm again.)i’llhave Green Lighted up Devil Horns to be worn on the head (We can’t get blue… But

I find it really cool to have all shawols dressed like this, so i decided to collab with them? Sorry for the inconvenience and sudden change regarding this. Super Sorryyyy~

also please join their group if you are interested (:!/group.php?gid=147525461934960&ref=ts

Thanks a lot (:

*If you wish to order the shirt, you can email us your order (name contact size)

please read:

In the package, there will be our Fan Tee, (Designs would be choosen through voting on Facebook), the shirt would symbolize us Singapore SHINee World, all united as one, not belonging to any fansite, but it’s a shirt which shows we are SHINee World, and shouts to everyone around that ‘Hey, We are United!’.

In the package there’ll also be SHINee lightstick. Lightsticks to give the most practical support for SHINee during the concert. And I believe there are quite a few different types of light sticks around, for this concert, we would all be using the same one.

Also, in the package, an OFFICIAL SM SHINee Balloon would be included. (I’ve managed to get Korean Shawols to help us contact SM and get them. ^^)

Fanchant guides will also be printed out and included in that package, so that we can cheer for SHINee the right way, together, during the concert.

We are looking into the possibility of getting lighted horns hairbands as it fits the Lucifer concept, but of course, those will be limited and those who get the package would have piority to buy the horns from us.

Please email us if you are interested in this fanpack, email us real soon too please (: Thanks alot (:

Sorry for the confusion and such


11 thoughts on “VERY IMPORTANT

  1. Hello~~ I’m wondering/curious about the fan pack price and if I’m still able to purchase.please reply asap thank you :))

  2. hellloooo ~~
    I would also like to purchase th package but without the tee is it possible? I would love to have th lightsticks and official balloon! also how much would it be? 🙂

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