I have decided to change the deadline of the order to 15th September~ So please order quickly~

Also i would like to know your thoughts on this. Do you think we should sell a standardised shirt tat is the same as a group whom we are kinda collaborating with or should we sell our wordpress offcial shirt?
Cause there are currently many fansites and fanclubs and they each have their own t-shirts so its kinda hard to make it such that all shawols wear the same shirt? But the wordpress shirt can be worn to the airport or any other events shinee MIGHT have, and we can wear the other shirt to the concert? Sorry if my message is kinda confusing? But i’m just asking which one would you prefer…Thanks (:

Posted by yimin


3 thoughts on “

  1. I with anything! But i think Shawols wear all same better 😀 So maybe u all can talk to otehr grp admins and ask them to come out with a standard tee?

  2. I think you can just sell the standardized tee for this period of time until the Korean pop night is over, then open up orders for wordpress tee? It’s better for SHINee to be able to spot Shawols easily among other FCs if we all wear the same tee… Cos this time it’s a joint event… Just my opinion (:

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