Sorry for the inconvenience~

Actually by watching shinee live performances you’ll learn the fanchants too, so…lets learn from the korean shawols ?(: Of course i’ll post the fanchants if i manage to find them and get them correct~

Thats the english version of SHINee’s ‘Your Name’ Of course its sang by another singer…

Erm, there are quite a few ppl requesting for a new batch of t-shirt order, i’m not so sure if i am going to open a new batch cause it depends on the number of orders, so can i ask who is interested, please send an email to let me know~ Cause unless the no. of orders are above 100 if not  i wont be  starting it. Cause I heard from my previous admin who handled the sales, she said it was really hectic…so unless there is like a high demand, then i’ll sell the shirts again? Sorry for the inconvenience and Thanks a lot (:

Posted by Yimin


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