Taemin’s got a new hairstyle (: did Jonghyun get a haircut? They are really tired right? Their dance seems less energetic…but I mean they need more rest sm ):

I feel so sad watching this…Onew is like so busy…they have music shows (music band, music core, inki), dance practices, sm town live’10 practices, musical rehearsal…when does he get to rest…T_T

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  1. Jonghyuns hair looks better with his fringe on their newest lucifer live.Taemin took out his extenshens.But as always they are all so handsome!!!!!!!!!(:

  2. SM shld let SHINee rest more .. heard jjong voice crack when singing lucifer . >.< Boys pls drink more water and rest more! dont get sick yah! T.T heartpain when watching the 2nd vid.. onew look so tired ..

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