All kinds of celebrities are replacing Brown Eyed Girls’ Nasha for her radio show Narsha’s Raise the Volume.

Narsha is currently away for a showcase in Japan with Brown Eyed Girls and she needed people to fill in for her in her long absence

The staff decided to have a special DJ concept once again just like when Narsha was in South Africa earlier for the World Cup.

From the second to the fourth of August, Park Shin Hye will take charge. On the fifth, MBLAQ’s Seungho will be the DJ.

From the sixth to the seventh, Kim Joon and Shin Min Chul will be in charge. Jung Jung Ah and Park Jae Jung will partner up for the eighth.

On the ninth, 2AM’s Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun will be DJ’s. From the 10th to the 11th, SHINee will fill up the show.

She’s got a lot of people to thank when she gets back.

Credits: allkpop
Onew can hit with a force that can break a walnut 0.0 WOW
that is onew’s schedule for his rock of the ages musical…he’s gna be busy again (not to mention tired…) ):
pictures of taemin in HK, for dream team filming:
Credits: shakizi
onho moment XD
more pics:
cr: shineeeee
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  1. Wow. When I knew that Taemin & Alexander were together, I mean, in the Dream Team, I went bonkers. I was so darn elated. Haha.
    They are in the same team right ?

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