Words SHINee don’t like to hear

During their comeback stage on 23rd July on KBS 2TV Music Bank, member Onew is eating his 2nd lunchbox in the waiting room. In a while, the lunchbox was emptied and Onew finds scouts for another lunchbox. The amount of food in the lunchbox is obviously enough for an adult, and the report said jokingly, “Eating again?”
Already, members JongHyun and Key had finished their lunchbox and youngest member TaeMin is busy eating from his. So the reporter asked SHINee, “There are people who think that you guys would starve to maintain the build you have now.” TaeMin then looked up from his lunchbox, “Ah~! We hate hearing that!”

When one thinks about SHINee, one would think about the skinny boys, and their builds do not follow the trend of ‘beastly idols’ of late. And there are some fans who pointed out, “Do they deliberately starve themselves?”
JongHyun said, “We eat a lot.” It seems that their skinny build is due to the stress from work. Onew said, “We practise a lot, much more than the amount we eat, that is why we don’t put on weight.”


I gta admit, our boys are really skinny ( esp taemin ) but i don’t think they starve themselves…its more of like…their output is higher than input? Lol random XD

I miss the Reply, LLO, RDD, Juliette days…Cause..(personal opinion) our boys seem really tired as compared to when they just debuted?


2 thoughts on “Words SHINee don’t like to hear

  1. Their metabolism is much higher at their growing age now, so much so that they really practice hard for the comeback and trememdous stress which result to eat more but still, will not gain weight. But, I guess the most important thing is, these boys to stay healthy and happy! Shine on SHINEE! ^^

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