Key’s UFO replies

2010.07.22 04:06
Fan:[Taemin] Magnae-ah magnae, what is your favourite song in this album?
[Key]: Magnae went to Hong Kong

2010.07.22 04:07
Fan: [Minho] Mino-ah, what type of songs do you prefer in this album?
[Key]: Mino is sleeping

2010.07.22 04:07
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ah?quite cute?
[Key]: Know it yourself? ㅋㅋㅋ

2010.07.22 04:07
Fan: [Key] Kibum, what song do you prefer in this album? haha
[Key]: It?s Electric Heart~

2010.07.22 04:14
Fan: [Taemin] Taemin ah Taemin ah? is it not okay to call? oppa?
[Key]: It?s okay

2010.07.22 04:19
Fan:[Key] What is replying 5 times!? Understand!
[Key]: Doesn?t seem to have a meaning

2010.07.22 04:22
Fan:[Key] What what what? Really no meaning~? Really don?t miss me!? ㅠㅠ
[Key] ㅋㅋㅋ Yes, what is this?it?s like using a cellphone to send text messages
source: UFO Town
chinese translations: bobohero@sm shinee
english translations: vivz@soompi

2010.07.22 Key?s UFO- CHINA Replies

[Fan]: Hubby (husband), for the new album, should I buy Version A or Version B?!!?
[Key]: Hahaha, honey, buy both.

[Fan]: Onew oppa, I?ve listened to the new album ?Lucifer?! It?s really nice! Need to take care of your body and don?t get too tired! SHW loves you guys!!
[Key]: Haha thank you~~

[Fan]: I?m having insomnia!!!!! Feel so bad~~~~~ 5555555555
[Key]: A-YO if you?re tired, listen to strong beats/rhythms~ Dong dong dong

[Fan]: Taemin oppa ^^ To me, you?re my big teddy, giving me strength and courage. That?s why you have to take care of yourself before taking care of me ^^
[Key]: Taemin went to Hong Kong!
source: UFO CHINA
english translations: vivz@soompi

Lol, ” Hahaha, honey, buy both.” That was nice key, he really knows how to convince people to buy albums Lol, srsly…why is he still awake at 4am+
Posted by Yimin


7 thoughts on “Key’s UFO replies

  1. Key oppa… when you came to SG, i wasn’t able to meet you. I really want to meet you…T_T When will i ever meet you? T~T

  2. aww!key really cares about his fans…he answered almost all of the comments!but….i think he should get enough sleep…

  3. LOL. I’m laughing at some of the replies. :DD
    Key is really sweet! He even helped his mates to reply fan messages. (:
    But he should be SLEEPing at 4am. :((

  4. Well, I guess Key’s having a good time responding all their fans’ questions, to him, 4am is still not enough time! hahaha! ^^

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