Lol that was soo onew sangtae XD I hope he’s alright though XP

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Posted by Yimin


3 thoughts on “Videosss

  1. OhMo, Funny Falling / Flying Onew, the best!!!

    Isn’t there a FULL VIEW? Now I really wanna see the full recording of their rehearsal!

    p/s They do look manlier… O_o SO MUCH….!

  2. I just realised from the minho vid that our boys (onew and minho) have really become men. They really have broad shoulders now. I just remembered jonghyun also has muscles. Can’t say the same for ever cute taemin and omma key though hahahahah but the last frame of the minho vid with onew and minho only really makes me feel like they have become men overnight…………..:DDDDDDD shit what am i thinking?!

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