Dream Team + Suju

Hongkong’s international Dragon Boat Festival will start officially on the 23rd. “Let’s Go Dream Team 2” will be appearing in this festival as Korean-Artists-Representative team, and will hold a mini k-wave concert together with Chinese singer. Both parties will be singing Chinese and Korean songs, to give support to this event together.

On the other hand, “Let’s go Dream Team2” members will be going overseas on the 21st, attending Hongkong’s Dragon Boat Festival as Representatives of Korean artists. For this competition, they have also prepared and did many practices. Donghae and Taemin will also be having many sorts of battles, and it is estimated that they will be in Hongkong until 27th.

The show will broadcast for 3 weeks starting 8th of August.

* Note: Meaning, Donghae and Eunhyuk will be attending the K-wave festival together with Dream Team members

Dream Team 2 will be holding a mini concert in Hongkong

At the Hongkong’s Dragon Boat Festival on the 23rd, Korean artists’ representative – “Dream Team” has decided to hold a mini K-wave concert together with famous singers from China.

The concert will start in the afternoon of 23rd. 2AM’s Jinwoon, U-KISS’s Alexander, MIGHTMOUTH etc will start the performance.

The producer of “Let’s go Dream Team 2” wrote on ME2DAY StarNews stating “Chinese singers and Korean singers will do an exchange (meaning Chinese singers singing Korean songs and vice versa), and build up a good friendship”

On the other hand, “Dream Team 2” will be going oversea on the 21st, attending this activity on the 23rd. They are currently practicing for this event. Donghae (SJ), Taemin (SHINee), Jinwoon (2AM), Alexander (U-Kiss) etc will be participating in all sorts of competition/ battle on the 27th. The show will be broadcasted on the 8 August for 3 consecutive weeks.

Credits: 海世代, 百度SHINee吧

Chinese translation credits: hotkorea07

English translation credits: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearl.com

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