SHINEe thankyou messages (:

SuperSHINee (SuJu & SHINee)

1.Onew : KyuHyun hyung?Don?t get sick ㅜㅜ

2.Jonghyun:Miinah Kyuhyun hyung,please hug me again!

SuperJunior which accompany me to grow since I was young!!
With this generation,the real leader,my teacher~Teuk Hyung~hyung is the best!
Heenim which is the one who approbate to my talent~ Heechul hyung~
Yesung hyung which has the heart just same like hahaha Fergus
The one who brings the vitality to everyone Shindong hyung~ congratulation you!
Suju?s powerful Sungmin hyung~
Ryeowook hyung which is very slim
The best dancer who love to cry a lot and filial guy~Eunhyuk hyung..You won?t forget our promise,right?
Slowly become a line which is kyu line that represent by kyuhyun,really want to make kyu line,hyung?Don?t get sick!
Siwon hyung is the one who lead me my road(future)I?m sure to follow hyung~
Always to be my good hyung and good friend,charisma and perfect
~My donghae hyung!! Because I have hyung,I feel happiness and blessed
And Youngwoon hyung~please take care yourself and faster come back!I?ll word hard to do well!

Chinese Translation: 雪陵儿
English Translation: @sinyi88
Credit: sinyi88 @ twitter

SHIneeBlaq / SHINeeKiss

Guys of the same age 91′ers!
?Really~? good and friendly Jinwoon sshi
Thank you hyperactive* Mir and Old Son Dongwoon!

Cunning JunHyung hyung, Messenger friend Seungho hyung~

Mi.Ah.Key (Short form of Maknae Rebellion) Heroes ! Cute Dongho. Thunder hyung who has made an impersonation keke

MBLAQ! Joon hyung let?s go work out! Hyung is a funny guy! hehe

*T/N: ?깨방정? There isn?t a direct English translation for this. The meaning is somewhere in between fooling around and hyperactive.

Translation: Seungeun Lee + J00NiEx@AbsoluteMBLAQ
Credit: dkpopnews


Minho: ‘Yunho hyung who has given me great advice and help, good luck in your musical! Hwaiting!
And of course, the superstar worldstar, the tallest person ever, my hero, Changminhyung! Thank you very much hyung!’

Onew: ‘Changmin hyung, love you? Yunho hyung, hwaiting!’

Credits: TVXQBaidu +
Translation by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared By: DBSKnights + TvxqPowerfulGods


The national’s girl group! SNSD!
The hardworking leader Taeyeon noona! Noona is very cool~
My noona Sooyoung noona, I’ve gotten a haircut~
Like a gem, shining so brightly, Tiffany noona~
Sica noona, who I’ve become close to~
Sunny noona, who’s cute on variety shows and on stage
Hyoyeon noona, who’s memory is the best and dances the best
Same age friend, even though it’s funny, but I don’t know myself…Seohyun ah~ good luck!
Pretty Yoona noona, who supports me all along! Noona, know what I’m talking about?
Thanks and sorry to Yuri noona… will not forget!

Sunkyu ah, you… ahha
Taeng , Sooyoung, Yuri, Miyoung (Tiffany), Hyoyeon ah, please let us meet keke
Sica, who recommended Jinkyu(?) hyung~

Sica noona, the method to put an elephant in the fridge (freezer) is?? ke

Source: bestiz
Chinese translations: lyvickey
English translations: vivz @ soompi

Key’s Thanks to message

The album which I?ve worked hard for is released yet again! Thank you god.
Lee Soo Man Teacher, who would always spend lots of time to help us
Kim Young Min CEO, who?s very tentative~
Thank you Nam x Young CEO, who is always talk good about us in Japan. Always dress/packaged us very brightly, Young Jun hyung, Jin hyung, KyungJi(?) hyung, Seunghwa hyung.
Yoo Youngjin director, who did amazing stuff for our work this time, and I must mention handsome man Sungsoo hyung, charismatic Boice Duli noona!
Always supporting us since trainee days~ Jungah noona, Heejoon noona, ** noona, **noona!
Thank you Park Jun Young manager who always worry about us whenever we film MVs.
In charge of promotions: EunA noona, Seunghee noona, Jisun Noona jjang!
Working hard from debut, Yoonju Noona who would always listen to me no matter what, also jjang! Leein noona who is very passionate about work overseas!
Spending lots of effort to train my voice Lee reporter! Goo reporter! Jin reporter? perfect haha.
Also, SM family, who have worked hard for SHINee! Really thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Minjung noona, ***hyung, Yoonjung noona who does hair for me everyday.
Jungah noona, **noona, who works hard everyday, Jungmin noona who does makeup for me everyday, Hyunhee noona who has a good personality, kind MiAe noona~ thank you all~
***manager who gives me stylish clothes to wear! Yeomi noona, Dahee noona, Namyoung noona jjang~
Kyungjae hyung, Jaesuk hyung who?s really good at dancing! Kyungsuk hyung who lives together! Chubby Hyungjoo hyung! Jinjoo hyung! Daebak Daebak MY FRIEND!
Jaejin, whom I truly like! Nicole, who is always by my side and leading me! Cutie magnae Jiyoung~ Seunghyun who plays the guitar well~
91 line male idols! ?Really~? good and friendly Jinwoon Mir, Son Dongwoon thank you guys! T-ara?s spotlight Hyomin noona!
Our Oh! After! English teacher! Bekah noona who is very close~ Same aged Nana, smart Joonhyung hyung, messenger Seungho hyung~
JQ hyung, who is good at rap, close couple **hyung, **noona, Hyungseung hyung, Mi-A-Ki main casts! Cute Dongho, Chundong hyung who taught me how to imitate keke. BEG noonas! Miryo noona who does well in everything! Auntie Narsha noona~ Also my friends! Minho who is working hard in college, So Jin whom I?m close with and is studying hard in America. Kyungtae hyung who takes good care of me, Dongju who is very far yet studies hard, Yeonwook who is close even if we don?t meet, Kyungtak who is interesting, handsome Hyungshin. Saehee noona, who treats me as her dongseng! Hyomin noona who is a strict daughter~ Stella, ***noona, **hyung, *** thank you to you all!
And also my son Yoogeun! Hurry and grow up~
?SHINee World? who have looked over us since the beginning! Very pretty I love you all~ I will show you guys a better side of Key in the future!
Lastly, my mom, dad, and grandma who have been on my side to support me all this time.
Grandpa, Grandma who are in heaven? Grandpa, please look after me~ I will work hard. A lot of people have helped me this time releasing another album.
Really thankful. I will become a more hard working Key! We are one! ?-?

Source: soulmate
English translations: vivz @ soompi
Original message: Key’s message

Taemin’s Thanks to message

It’s already the 2nd album… First of all, my family who has helped me come all the way here!!!^^ Mom, dad, hyungnim(T/N: More respectful way to say hyung), Adam, and Eve (T/N: Adam & Eve are his pets)!!!^^ And Teacher Lee Sooman who has created SHINee, President Kim Youngmin who tells us good things, President Nam Soyoung, Director Jung Changhwan, Director Yoo Youngjin, thank you so much. Our manager hyungs! Jin hyung, Gyungshik hyung, Seungeop hyung, Kyungjae hyung, Youngjun hyung… Thank you so much. And to Sungsoo hyung, Duri nuna, Yoonjoo nuna, Sanghee nuna, Hyoshil nuna, Heejin nuna, Director Ha Sangbaek, Minjung nuna, Jungmyung nuna, Yoonjung nuna, Jina nuna, Sara nuna, Hyunghee nuna, Yumi nuna, Jihye nuna, Namyoung nuna, and Wonkyung nuna who have always been with me, thank you all very much! And dad Kyungseok hyung, and Wow Steven, Jaewon hyung, thriller Sanghoon hyung, thank you for always going so much x100. TT.. And Heejun nuna who always takes care of me like a mom!!^^ You’re the best~~ Ah! That’s right!! Debut quickly and let’s see each other! You know who you are, right? Punks, haha. The tanned neighborhood kids that I love. As expected, I really like Banghakdong(T/N: Where Taem’s from). Let’s get together later, haha. Yunjae, don’t get mad.^^ Ah, Son Hyerin, you’re like a ghost… And… our Jiwon, I’m always sorry… You know we’re always going forward together, right?? I always want to see you.. You’re the best. ^^ Thank you for making the wish I made at the end of the year…. And please help us out a lot so that we can be the best in the next 5 years. And another one… We’re always going forward together with our SHINee World! Thank you.

Cr: kimchi hana @ SFI

Minho’s Thanks To message

Minho’s message (Not translated)

Trans: Coming soon!


Onew’s Thanks To message

Our second album~! It finally came out~ First off~ I am so so happy~ To my parents~
I’ll only cause a little trouble~ hahaha…
To Teacher Lee Soo Man, who recognized me at first glance [note: basically, it means recognizing his talent at first glance]~ ^^ Kim Young Min boss who always tells stories whenever we meet~
Director Jung Chung Hwan who always works hard for the album production~
Director Yoo Young Jin who composes good tracks that show off our vocals! ^^ I truly thank you~!
Also~ We’re one Jin hyung, Gyung Sik hyung, Seung Up hyung~ Also Young Joon yung, Dae Bin hyung, Gyung Jae hyung, Ji Hong hyung, Yong Duk Hyung, who have been with SHINee til now, Fighting~ [note: Onew actually says it as 빠이팅 which is pronounced bbaiting] Chang Min hyung~ I love you ke ke ke .. Yun Ho Hyung Fighting~ You’re happy, right, Min Sung Hyung? Byung Joon Hyung I’ll win more for you later!
Trainer Jin Wook Hyung, Min Kwon Hyung, you guys have been working hard…. Hwe Jin Noonah~ Not everyone can become photographers. Hehe…
Wow choreographers Jae Won Hyung [note: he actually choreographed most of lucifer with a little help from Rino!], Mi Kook Sang Hoon Hyung, Muzikka [?]~ Rino Noonah [note: the famous Rino Nakasone ]~, Gyung Suk Hyung Hwaiting~
Yoo Jin~~~~~Soo…Jjal Eop Seum [note: don’t know what this means :/ sorry]… Hahahaha. Best friend Doori Noonah ke ke… Squash [note: could mean Slush] Sung Soo Hyung~ Improve your skills a little~
Jenny Noonah~ Wasn’t the concert fun? Baboon [?] first friend our Tak Section Chief ke ke.. Sang Hee Noonah~ Ji Sun Noonah~ Lee Een Noonah~
Director Park Joon Young, Son Young conductor, Suk Kee hyung, Won Ho hyung, Ji Wook hyung, Hyun Jung noonah, always our Yang noonah, who always photographs us great~ Thank you very much^^ Wow… Driver Huh~ he he We have to play a game sometime~ Driver Jin Ki [note: same name as ONew!], Driver Lee, Driver Goo~
Hee Joon Noonah~! Jung Ah noonah, Jung Ah noonah, Jung Ah noonah he he 90 degree angle bow for life… BoA noonah who came to watch the musical~ ^^
Director Nam he KyuHyun hyung~ Please don’t be sick T T Borah noonah~ ^^ Cook Rokgi hyung! [note: this is probably Hong RokGi from the musical] It was an unforgettable memory, wasn’t it…? ^^he he
Boo Min noonah~ The bicycles are going out great~ Ryan hyung~ What up bbol [?] (I don’t know if it’s bbol or bbool;)hyung, Min Suk, Joon Myun be strong~ Director Ha Sang Baek who always dresses us in awesome clothes~ Miss Bae Yumi, Miss Nam Young Goo, Won Gyung noonah, an appreciate friend?? Bak Da come over to play… For hair styles, you guys are the best!
Rider Minjung noonah, Miss Bae Yoon jung, Miss Ddong Jin, Miss Sarah, Boo Sang Myung noonah who brazens our faces [?], Miss Bae Hyun Hee, Miss Jo Miryo… For two years hello Lee Gyu, Min Gyoon~ Always busy Ja won~ Teacher Jun Yoong… Hang on a little more Jong Min~ Yang Ha Sah Neem take strength! Miss Lim Eul Ree, thanks for the colosseum~ Hey Sungyu [SNSD’s Sunny] you… Ha ha…Taeng, Soo Young, Yuri, Miyoung [SNSD’s Tiffany], Hyo Yeon… let’s see your faces [let’s see each other soon?] ke ke f(x) friends!! I bought 9 albums!!! Representative Song, Theater director Jang, Jin Gyu hyung, Sica Yang [SNSD’s Jessica] who recommended me, who gave me great support during the musical~ Actors^^ Hoon Ee Young, Moon sung hyung, Sae Woong hyung, Sae Ho hyung, Ji Hoon hyung, Jae ee hyung, Jae man hyung he he, Mother Lim Sun Ae..? he he, Joo Won noonah, Dayeon noonah, Soomi noonah, Yoojung noonah, my love family-Idle MC Dong Yub hyung [Shin Dong Yub], Instinct MC Jong Shin hyung [Yoon Jong Shin], Director Jang, Shaved head Gil hyung he he, Jo Seung Ok Director and writer noonahs, camera directors I ask for your support in the future, too~!
Sung joon hyung, you are the most awesome man… Russia Boram Noonah~ Please look after me ke Our hyung Sang Min hyung, Yoo Sub hyung this time you/we have to exercise.. k eke
Lastly, I didn’t forget our ‘Shinee World,’ right? We’re going together, thank you very very much^^ I hope only good things happen to you guys in your lives..^^ Let’s live while smiling~~

Source: soompi
Translation credit: gogogloria @ soompi


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