SHInee official album pictures

Korean idols SHINee will be releasing their music video for their title track tomorrow, according to their agency SM Entertainment on Monday.

SM announced in a press release that the group recently finished shooting the full-length music video for the title track “LUCIFER” and it will be revealed on SHINee’s official website and other various web pages on July 20.

“LUCIFER” sings about a man complaining to his lover that she is two-faced like Lucifer, switching between angel and demon, being both appeasing but also repeatedly makes threats.

Just last week, SM revealed the teaser video for the title track as well a medley highlighting the songs from the record.

The latest album, containing 13 songs, will also feature tracks which SHINee members Onew and Jonghyun took part in writing.

SHINee, composed of other members Minho, Key and Taemin, splashed into the music scene in 2008 with their first mini-album “Replay.” They have several hit singles under their belt including “Older Girl, You’re So Pretty,” “Juliette” and “Ring Ding Dong.”

“LUCIFER,” the boys ‘second full-length album, will simultaneously go on sale online and offline today, while the group will give their comeback performance on KBS’ televised music show “Music Bank” on July 23.

cr: dailykpop news

I guess the mv will be revealed tmr….?

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