Kays, lemme be frank bout this, me am not liking this  ): grrr…stay away from him D:


Whew at least Onew was not willing…BUT their behaviour is not accepted by me or the shawols.

posted by yimin


12 thoughts on “

  1. EHHHHHH ! HOW DARE THEY TOUCH ONEW FACE ?! Argh ~ anyhow touch it ?! Wth kays !!!! D: Onew oppa must be painful that he’ve fell down T.T GET LOST, DON’T TOUCH OUR ONEW LEADER ! D:<

  2. Its just part of the entertainment, dun make a big fuss about it. If not, the show wouldnt be exciting. Onew is just shy~

  3. Yeah i sasw this n was like :O OMG noooooooooo D:
    but u cld tell tht onew didnt like it 🙂 which is gd ^^ kekeke
    but sry tbh the girl holdin him looked kinda lika man 😛 tehe

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