Key’s teaser pic

They shaved the back of key’s head 0.0 So…how do u find it?
Key still looks hot…but…i’m still not getting over that half shaved head LoL and…the painted head o.O
Next up…SONG TEASER RIGHT??? (i heard tat theres a rumor that the song title might be called ‘turn on’ ) (tats kinda weird 0.0)

posted by yimin


7 thoughts on “Key’s teaser pic

  1. Their outfit and hair style changes do made them looks like amazon warriors to me! hahah! ^^ let’s wait patiently for their comeback.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I love all their new style ^^v

    Can’t wait for their song teaser.
    if turn on is their song title, i must say,


  3. hehe i actly like his hair 🙂 Key oppa looks soo damn HAWT no matter what style 😉
    His image was “Avatar” stlye ^_^
    hehe althgt it is not blue i cn c the avatar 😛
    but i did manage to edit the pic abit to make it abit more blue >_<
    wahhh i rlly cnt wat fr theyre comeback ^_^ anticipate ~ hwaitin !

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