Not suitable for ppl who cannot stand sight of bloody images

This image is kinda…bloody…if u cant stand such images i think u shldnt see it…
I guess i should post the link instead. If u get sick/ faint or such at the sight of blood, yea…i guess u’re advised not to look at it…(also do not put ur mouse over the link of the images)

more info:

This letter was for taemin. I am really disgusted. I thought the entire trend bout such letters were over already.
I feel that no matter how much a like our boys, theres no need to go to such extend is there?
I don’t think taemin likes such stuff either, and he’s 17…I really hope those fans who will do such stuff would get this idea of writing such letters out of their head.

cr: allkpop

posted by yimin


11 thoughts on “Not suitable for ppl who cannot stand sight of bloody images

  1. Omgosh ! What did she write ? I cant really understand . Even though i love taemin a lot , i wont do such things . It’s not wrong to idolise but dont go overboard.

  2. This fan girl is overly obsessed with Taemin, better to alert her parents and seek help from a Psychiatrist. She will, one day, goes overboard, no joke!

  3. those people who used their blood to write letters are really out of their mind. i mean seriously. you can like idols(SHINee)
    but i dont think you should hurt yourself for them.
    anyway, i dont think they’ll be pleased/impressed if fans cut themselves for them.

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