Rap Composer JQ’s cyworld post about Minho’s injury

Rap Composer JQ’s cyworld post about Minho’s injury:

Once I heard about Minho’s ruptured calf muscle, I got frightened and really worried so I gave Minho a call.

“It’s nothing much, hyung. But… the comeback has to be delayed for one week, I feel bad for dragging the members down.”

Minho told me this.
He sounded really anxious and worried.
I told him to take this as an obstacle, even though I can really feel his depressed and gloomy mood.
Sorry, Minho, all hyung can do is to comfort you
Since their last comeback, it really has been a long time for their next album comeback.
Not only SHINee, all the staffs have really been working hard for their second full-length album.
I sincerely hope SHINee can have their comeback handsomely.
I also hope ShaWols can be more united to give SHINee
more support and power.
Hopefully after overcoming the pain, we can welcome SHINee to their successful period and become the most shining idols of late 2010.
SHINee’s fighting sprit, don’t be

Credit: Minhoney

Translation Credit : sirinqueen @ justminho.com

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