minho comebackkkk

SHINee will finally make a comeback with their second full-length album on the 19th! To tease their fans, SM Entertainment has released a picture of Minho topless.

It’s been a while since Ring Ding Dong so I think everyone is excited for this one. Not to mention, a topless photo of a male idol with Indian accessories is definitely the way to start. Who knew Minho had a six pack?

They will continue to reveal each members’ comeback photos until the 12th.

The boys will make their first comeback stage on the 16th on Music Bank.

ohhhhhhhmmmmmmmgeeee…i am so excited now 8D
a while more (: just a while more (: yayyy (: but minho injured himself….i hope he gets well soon

cr: allkpop.com

posted by yimin


4 thoughts on “minho comebackkkk

  1. Well, it’s better to wait awhile longer for Minho’s recovery then to see only 4 members of SHINee performing their comeback. Speedy recovery Minho! sg fans are patiently waiting! ^_^

  2. In case you haven’t heard yet, SM announced that they’d be delaying the comeback til Minho recovers fully… you can check allkpop 😉

  3. I was expecting something like “sunny boys” concept. Dun tell me its a sexy concept again? Im sick of it alrdy………It makes them no different from other kpop bands 😦

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